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Saturday, June 16, 2018

home and tired

We are home, the winds the last couple of days have been horrid. Had to pull the slides in last night. It sounded like we were in a bowling alley.
Here is a link to a blog I did several years ago - just saw it again. Kind of fun to look at. Will finish up our trip tomorrow. 
Tonopah, Rachel and home. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Last post on this blog.

Well this is the last time I'll be posting here. No I'm not stopping blogging - just starting a new blog with a more relevant URL which is 

Still calling it Golden Years but now it is More Golden Years. 
I'm not real happy with the template but it is pretty close to this one. Can't get this one any longer. 
Here is the complete header picture. It was taken a year or so ago while we were driving down Las Vegas Blvd. I cropped it for the header. 
So hope to see you all on the new blog.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Finally time and weather to take a walk again.

A good day for walking yesterday. No wind, no rain and not too hot. Managed 6400 steps. I cheated and took three short cuts on the way back to the house. How quick I get out of shape.
Our friend from Indiana, Tom, went home yesterday. I felt bad that the week he finally made it here was the week we got the new RV - so we were both either working in the RV, shopping for the RV or the weather was bad. So we pretty much just drug him around with us doing errands. No going anywhere fun. 
A big bush next to us that is just beginning to flower.  
A neighbors rose bush that puts out two colors of flowers. I checked under it as good as I could and only saw one bush. 
Lots of the wetlands ended up here in our community from the rains. As we drove by today we saw the groundskeepers cleaning it all up. 
A week or so ago I posted a picture of a "home" that was all ready to be moved. Today they finally got around to moving it. Getting ready to go out the front gates. 
Everyone's cacti are starting to bloom. A bee enjoying this flower. 
Another one with several blooms on it. 
This is our #4 son and daughter-in-law at a golf tournament, they posted this picture with the following caption - " Couples Club Championship/The divorce bowl. - AKA an excuse to wear obnoxious matching outfits." I thought it was funny. They are both golf nuts. 
Watched NASCAR over the weekend - my favorite driver Kyle Busch won both weekend races for the second weekend in a row. Only the 2nd driver ever to do that. Watching a soccer game now - well Bill is I'm just listening - Barcelona HAS to win to have a chance to win the Champion's League title. 
Weather is now beautiful, in the low 80s - but tomorrow the winds pick up again. No sense dusting today. 

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Pictures from Vegas

Still not doing much to write about. Working in RV - well Bill is working, I'm getting in the way. And trying to find stuff we put in boxes from the Alfa and when we do find it trying to figure out if we should keep it, throw it away, save for a garage sale OR find a place to put it. We also have company from Indiana who is staying with us. He is buying a house here in the park and we are dragging him all over with us.
I did notice this new sculpture just up the street from us. It is under the sculpture of the chairs that I posted a picture of a couple of weeks ago. Kind of cute. 
 Some of the work Bill has been doing. Making storage up where we took out the bunk mattress. Still working on it here. 
 Yesterday we had some wind and rain and more rain overnight. So we went out this morning for a ride and to go to the Container Store for ideas. Came home down the strip. You can see the cloudy store - the blue sky between storms. Looking north up Las Vegas Blvd. 
 All kinds of characters out and about for picture taking. These people picked the wrong weekend to visit Vegas. Cold and rain.
 Just a picture of the sky, trees and clouds.
 Yes those building are really crooked. 
 New York in the desert. 
Had been home for about an hour when we got a real gully washer - lots of lightening and thunder. It stopped raining now but think I just heard more thunder. Supposed to be on and off for another couple of days. It has really cooled down. A few days ago it was hot enough to turn on the AC - which didn't work! Called the home warranty company and they sent someone over. Got two new parts for it and now it works fine - now that we don't need it. 
Watched a race last night [on TV] Kyle won. A soccer game this morning - Barcelona lost and waiting for the Cup race later this afternoon.