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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sick of RAIN

Tuesday a.m. Well Bill is already settled in front of the TV watching the first of today’s soccer games (two more to go and then the basketball game tonight) I’m even enjoying the soccer a little – good excuse to sit down under a fan in the air conditioning. TOO HOT to do anything else. Another big storm rolled through here again last night. In Bloomington just 20 miles west of us there was a funnel cloud in the air. Some trees and power lines went down. And just north of us there was a lot of flooding. One advantage of being here on the top of the mountain (okay – it’s just a hill 950 feet) is that the weather kind of rolls around us to the north and south. Except for that one darn lightening strike. I have to laugh – we were watching the TV – all 4 local channels took of regular programming and it was all storm warnings – they predict by the minute when the storm will hit certain towns. Well just as it was getting closer to us the satellite lost the signal – when it was past us back on came the TV. The joys of country living. Didn’t do much yesterday – just too hot and humid 86% - sure hope this system moves out of here pretty soon. Even the floors feel sticky to walk on. Results of the rain - the roses are beautiful this year. Just some pictures of the 4th of July sun catchers After the storm last night - looking west Looking north
Video looking from sunset in west to view to the north of the clouds. The frogs were loving the weather

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