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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shopping and visiting in Columbus

Tuesday a.m.

Wow the rains came last night. Lots of thunder and lightening and lots of rain. Of course the power went off a couple of times. And the biggest surprise of all the Internet is working great.
I got mad Sunday and unplugged the modem for Hughes Net and forgot about it. Just before going to bed I noticed it and replugged it. It powered right up and has been working fine since then!!!! All day yesterday we could get on line and so far this morning it working – and it is even raining out! So I called the technician and cancelled our appointment for today but will call them back before the end of the week – to either reschedule –if it quits again – or cancel completely – if it keeps working.
But now I’m having a problem with my desktop computer….the DVD reading/writing drive has quit working – actually that happened before we left. Now the whole thing just keeps freezing up if I try to do two things at once. Grrrrr……

Well it is p.m. already
Had a busy day today – went into town – Columbus 20 miles away – [Nashville, IN has no stores just “galleries”] to do some shopping and managed to spend most of the day there. Was looking for a new computer – only one place in town to look and they only had two to chose from and the one I picked out they didn’t have in stock. So will have to go 20 miles the other direction tomorrow to Bloomington to see what they have.
Then we stopped in Menards and it took us over an hour to get of there – didn’t buy anything just visited with all the clerks who know us and wanted to know about our winter in Mexico. Almost like going to a big family reunion. The wonders of a small town.
When we got home I happened to look out the back on the screen porch and noticed a film of some sort on the glass top table out there. Curious I went out to check – it was ICE! Lordy! I thought winter was over.
Bought corn and salt for the deer but I haven’t even seen any in the woods since we’ve been back. Hope they show up. And it is almost time to go looking for the Morel mushrooms, I am determined to find some this year.

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  1. Carol, your blog is always so interesting. It seems like the whole world is getting crazy weather, (a sign of the times?) We had a lot of wind for a few days and a drop in temps. (my sinuses are killing me) Last night we had a lot of lightning and thunder while it was snowing and we ended up with 4-5 inches!

    We don't have a Menards very close to us but when we do get to one it takes quite awhile to browse the whole store! Same here for choices on things although we do have a walmart and a kmart in town.

    If you feed the deer how do manage to keep your plants safe? Will be posting on my blog today, you'll find it on FB