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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Foggy Foggy Day

Tuesday a.m.
Still in Elkhart. This morning is very, very foggy and seems to be getting worse rather than better. Rained about half the day yesterday. Joel (washer/waxer) didn’t show up so we have extended our stay a couple more days – and will probably have to add even more if The Driver wants the Jeep done too. Hopefully he shows up today.
Watched the race – didn’t like the outcome. #18 went from P1 to P9 – had terrible pit stops and ran out of gas. What is with that!!!! Also watched the last episode of the Closer. Hope we are still in the US for the November episodes.
Did you ever notice that when you go to put a plug into an outlet the first time you try is never the right way. NEVER! How can that be 100%?
Fixed a good dinner last night and did the dishes. So much easier in here than in Jennie. Nice big sinks.
Trying the washer/dryer now. Put in a load of clothes and it seems to be working fine so far. Fingers crossed.
Downloaded the newest version of Internet Explorer…….why can’t they leave things alone? Always takes much hunting to get things back the way you had them before updates. Still can’t figure out how to change font and font colors on the blog since they updated. It used to be easy to change – now you have to go into the html to make changes.
Not sure what we’ll do today – depends somewhat on the weather and when it clears up.  

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  1. Carol-I just finished reading your entire first trip to South America. It was absolutely wonderful. You should consider publishing it as an ebook.