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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Grocery Shopping at Jungle Jim's in Cincinnati

Going to do a half of a post about our trip to Cincinnati on Thursday. Beautiful day and a fun trip.
We had so much rain in the spring and early summer that the weeds grew bigger than I’ve ever seen them. There is a blue pickup in the weeds – can just barely see it this year.
the hood and cab is all I can see
And the hanging baskets down town are amazing.
But back to our trip to Jungle Jim's International Market. It is about 120 miles from the house – so a long trip just for lingonberry jelly. I had forgotten we could get it at Ikea too – but didn’t make much difference as the closest Ikea is about four miles from Jungle Jim's.
So – here is the entrance to the market. A tram no less [just kidding it is fake]
Tours of the market?
They do give you a couple of maps though. More on that later.
Of course after a long drive a visit to the restroom was necessary. Our friend who went with us wasn’t sure he wanted to go in them.
From the inside looking out. They are real bathrooms and nice.
Here’s one of the maps – and it is just for beer and alcohol!
Just a very small portion of the wine section.
Bill found a couple bottles of Chocolate Wine – a different brand than we usually buy. Putting it in the Alfa for the winter trip. He also found beer from Argentina. Got a couple of six packs of it.
Then on to the cheese section – You name it they have it. Got some chocolate cheese – had some last night tastes kind of like fudge – wish I’d bought more. Check out the shapes of these cheeses.
And the Big Cheese!
A talking Soup Can [I about jumped out of my shoes when he started talking as I passed under him!]and aisles of different soups.
A little bit of the produce department and the S S Minnow with everybody aboard. 
More of the produce department – it was huge. The whole store is over six acres! Some veggies.
what are these green bumpy things?
And some fruit. Lots of things I’d never seen before.
And then the hot sauces – aisles of them – even needed a fire truck on stand by.
On into the International aisles and aisles and aisles.
FINALLY we found the Scandinavian section. Bill checking out the selection.
Just part of the Lingonberry jams, jellys and syrups available. Oh what to buy!
one of each just to be sure.
Also got some Swedish Pancake mix. 
Need to go now - will finish posting about this adventure tomorrow. Is your mouth watering yet?


  1. That looks like a neat place to shop - how were the prices for fresh fruits and veggies. Is this a chain store - have never heard of it but than again I lead a sheltered life.
    Like the little butterfly in your stain gass window - I enjoy reading your blog. Found you through Tiago and George who are now in California.

    1. I actually bought some stuff because it was cheaper there than at WalMart. I think there is only one (maybe two) stores in Cincinnati. Check out their web site http://www.junglejims.com/

  2. WOW I thought that the Market in Houston was big! I must put this on my to-do list.

  3. I was going to suggest buying Lingonberry jams, jellys and syrups on Amazon, but this was an experience, not a trip. Thanks for the great pictures.