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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sweat shirt weather here.

Well it is a little humid the last day or so. And much cooler. Only 48 outside this morning when we got up. And Bill’s internal heater seems to have gone away as he was cold. Even with the humidity somewhat lower he is still having problems. Goes to doc again the end of this week - for another set of shots. Hope something helps.
We are still without kitchen cupboards and no one else has come by the house to look at it. So everything is kind of on hold. Don’t want to start getting rid of stuff and then not selling.
An okay race on Sunday - Indy is usually boring - everyone just gets in a long line and turns left for 400 miles! The only good parts are the restarts when everyone is bunched up. At least #18 came in second and his team mates were 3rd and 4th. Hopefully they’re getting their cars better for the rest of the season.
Went to yardage shop yesterday and got more material for my embroidered cars and got the right stabilizer finally. Also found some more colorful plaid flannel. I was given a suggestion by one of my readers about making the border and lattice between squares look like roads. Thank you! Think I’m going to try that.
Still working on proof reading The Book - this is the last time through then I’m asking a friend to do the final proofing and then get the thing published as an e-book and maybe some hardback copies for us.
Today with it being so cool would be a perfect day to paint the bathroom, but I just don’t feel motivated today. 

I was dreaming about traveling in the RV in Mexico last night. I know when we came home last year we said we weren’t going back this coming winter. But I hear different sounds coming from Bill now. And his friends keep emailing him asking him when he’ll be there. We’ll see what happens I guess. 


  1. You definitely need to go back to Mexico. How else will your followers keep up with what is happening in Mexico and wishing we were there also. Please keep travelling and posting pictures.