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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Last day in San Carlos-Guaymas area

A change of plans. We will be leaving this area tomorrow morning instead of Tuesday. And we will be skipping Huatabampito. A couple of reasons. Some very good friends of ours will be arriving in Mazatlan on Thursday and staying for three weeks and we don't want to miss them. Also it is going to be in the high 60s and low 70s most of next week in Huatabampito. Going down to 40s at night. We will stop there on our way back north. There is a cold front going through the entire area. Yesterday Mazatlan had rain all day. Some of the streets looked like rivers. Glad we missed that. 
This is a 5th wheel here in the park. It says it all. They had it painted here in San Carlos. 
The following few pictures are from our visit in Guaymas a day or so ago. More exercise equipment in the plaza in front of the church. 
The gazebo in the plaza. It is one of the prettiest I've seen. It was designed by Eiffel - the guy who built the Tower. The metal work is so intricate. 
The railing around it. 
The benches in the park are also very pretty. Not too comfortable but very nice to look at. 
And the light posts. 
The top of the Church of San Fernando. It says "The sky and the earth will go by. My words will stay." 
From one subject to another. Why would I take a picture of red and yellow underware?  We were in the Ley's store. And for the last few years they have had a Christmas tree decorated with this underware. This year they didn't have one. 
So I checked back on last year's blog to find the picture. Cracked me up. So had to include it this year too. And it was in all the big Ley's stores, not just this one. 
The produce section of the Ley's. First time I've seen the full stalks of sugar cane for sale. 
I think I mentioned that we stopped in McDonalds for lunch the last time we were in Guaymas. Here is Bill waiting for his food. 
One thing I like is that you can add more pickles to your burger. The standard three come on it but that is never enough for me. Wish they'd do this in the states. 
Yesterday there was a "Shrimp Festival" here in San Carlos. A bunch of restaurants were fixing their shrimp specialties. There were also handicrafts for sale. Of course we had to stop and see what was there. Some more painted plates, I thought they were baked after painting but they aren't. They are covered with a special type of varnish to give them the hard and shiny finish. 
In the same plaza as the festival is the studio where the women of the area take painting classes. Some of them were hard at work yesterday. Interesting selection of subjects being worked on. 
Back outside the cooking was in full swing. This smelled good. Garlic and butter. We didn't eat as Bill is not a fan of shrimp and I only like it once in a while. But there were lots of people there waiting to be served. 
Yet another restaurant's cooks preparing their specialty. They are using a lot of fresh vegetables. 
Some more of the handicrafts. Dolls and pillows. The embroidery work is all hand done. 
This is a black purse. Such beautiful work. 
Then we went on into Guaymas again. Lots of traffic out and about. There are policemen at every corner directing traffic. Even though there are signals at every corner. You'd best obey the policeman with his whistle. If the light is still red and whistles and tells you to go - you go. Kind of weird. 
Some of the best car washes are while you are parked and gone shopping. Not only does your car get really clean no one will mess with it. Amazing what they do with a couple rags and a bucket of water. 
Another intersection. For a while all directions of traffic is stopped and the people can cross the intersection in any direction they want. I think it is a great way to do it. The Super Cash place is a pawn shop. 
Just another typical corner. Pinatas for sale, telcel [one of the phone companies], Papa Johns pizza  [they have home delivery] and the policeman with his whistle. An ad for an upcoming concert.
This is a building you can rent to have a special event. Don't know if I'd want a wedding in the Titanic. 
Last night there was a nice sunset. 

Don't know what we'll do today.