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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Have to spend another day in Arizona

Saturday p.m.

Definitely went to bed way too early. I got up at 4:30 – had been wide awake for some time. EGAD! Then I had to take a nap this afternoon so will be up until late tonight. We are also in another time zone again. Mountain Time now.

Today we didn’t do too much. Pulled out all the paperwork we need for our Tourist Cards and Vehicle Permits and put it in one place. I still wonder how much of a problem it is going to be that we didn’t turn in our Tourist Cards last year. Guess we’ll find out tomorrow.
Then moved a bunch of stuff that was stored under the bed and seats to make it more available when wanted. Now if we just remember where everything is.

Later we drove into Nogales and checked out the way we will go into Mexico. Wanted to make sure nothing has changed from last year. Taking the I-19 to Exit 4, Mariposa Rd - Route 189 to cross the border. It is the Truck Route so saves us going through the town of Nogales and puts us right on the Toll Road 15D. If I remember correctly within ten miles there is a toll booth. Hope they take US or that it is under 120P.
We were going to exchange some money too but decided to do it at an ATM at Migration after crossing the border. The exchange rate is much better through the ATM. Also we’ll put gas in Jennie in Mexico - $2.60 per gallon there as opposed to $2.90 here.
Went to WalMart and got lettuce and a couple of minor things we forgot to put back in Jennie. So we should be set now.

They have a nice used book exchange in the RV park office so we changed some books we’ve already read for ones we haven’t. I’m saving my books on my Nook until I really need them.
Bill is outside now cleaning the windshield – and checking on tires etc. Crap! He says we have a “soft tire” on Jennie – inside right rear. Next to the one we just had replaced in Indiana.
Quite a change in the weather. Really warm today but still get cold here in the desert at night.

Well guess we won’t be leaving tomorrow – have to get a tire and nothing is open on Sunday. At least we will then have six new tires.

Went to dinner at Cow Palace again. Very good meal.

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