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Friday, December 3, 2010

More Fun at the Las Vegas Speedway and a Wedding

Wrote this Wednesday p.m.

Don’t know what was wrong but it took me hours to get the last post done. First couldn’t get on AOL at all. Then IE kept telling me “error on page” and Firefox said it needed to download something to make page work. GRRRR – pulled out what little hair I have left. But as The Driver says I’m nothing if not persistent. Finally got it done – but will wait to post this one. (Waited until Friday evening - more about that later.)
After taking my ride we walked over to the Neon Garage area where there was a big “FanFest” going on.

They gave out a really nice poster of the Chase Drivers. Several of the cars were there. The 48, 99 and the 11 to mention a few.

Then we found out that the Chase Drivers were going to be there. So hung around for a couple of hours – I really, really have to thank The Driver for his patience ‘cause he can’t stand crowds or loud music and there was plenty of both there.
Got lots of pictures. Here are a few.

Carl Edwards

J Johnson - The Champ

Jeff Gordon
Denny Hamlin
And last but not least KYLE!!!
Kyle Busch the #18 M & M Car
To complete our exciting day – our oldest son got married. And his daughter, who we haven’t seen in years was here too.

A really good day!
Tomorrow I'll catch up to today.

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