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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Addison

It's going to be another hot dry day so thought I'd get any computer work done early - Bill's page has been added to the Hoosier Artist Galley site http://www.hoosierartist.net/BillSirimarco.html  and I managed to get some Rack Cards designed and ordered for him. But after doing that I asked for a raise - so I got McDonalds for dinner last night instead of having to cook!   Now I'm working on business cards and then he'll come up with something else. Complain, complain, complain! He is the one who has to work at the Gallery though - two days a month starting in July. Should be interesting.
Discovered yesterday that my new camera doesn't give any warning when the batteries are about to die. It just stops working. Maybe I need to read the instruction manual to see if there is a setting I missed.
It's our great grand daughters 1st birthday today. Happy Birthday Addison. Time flies.


  1. Lucky he has you!

  2. Make sure the icons are turned on in the display. Then get in the habit of looking at the battery icon each time you go to take a photo. There are no flashing red LED's or beeper to let you know they are low. (Thus you might get 3 more shots before they die).