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Friday, December 19, 2014

Visit to El Quelite Part I

Well this morning got off to a good start. No I missed the sunrise, but don’t think it was pretty anyway. What I did do was manage to spill a half a cup of coffee all over the dinette table. Just missed my laptop – thank goodness – but got the mouse, mouse pad, tablecloth, new table mats – glad now that they are plastic, would have ruined cloth ones - and the dinette seat!  The seat is a brown tweed so it won’t show I hope. The rest is all washable. Mouse pad is outside drying. Mouse works fine. Whew. So off to a brilliant start today.
Didn’t pick up my glasses yesterday so will be doing that today, some time this morning before it gets hot. I think the overcast has left us. And temps will go up.
Yesterday we decided we wanted to go out for breakfast so instead of going across the street we got in Willie and headed inland to El Quelite. We go there several times every year. Love the little town it is so pretty. And the restaurant we go to is amazing.
A few years ago the Doctor who owns the restaurant held a raffle of a very nice silverware set – he used the money raised to buy and plant bougainvilleas all along the road into El Quelite. All the way from the turn off of  the main road to the town. They are now growing like crazy. Both sides of the road.
As always watch out for the livestock, never know what you will see.
Just past the arch into town we saw that there was a lot of work going on in the road. New curbing and paving.
Oh Oh – didn’t expect to meet him on this very narrow stretch. We ended up on the new curbing and held our breath until he cleared us. Poor Willie we get him into some tight spots. 
Hummm….I wonder if we should be driving on this section? Turned out there was a detour sign but it was right where the big truck passed us and we didn’t see it. The guy took pity on us and moved out of the way. Don’t think we made any friends though. They probably were thinking @#$% Gringos.
A lot of the streets in the little town are being repaved. A big government project to help restore the town. This street though remains dirt.
We visited our friends, the ladies who sort the rocks out of the beans. (will add that second part of blog) Then parked to go eat. A new addition right outside the restaurant. He wouldn’t spread his tail.
The colorful street right outside the restaurant that is on the right.
Dora – one of waitresses – greeted us like family. She’s the one who gave me the blouse to wear when the iguana pooped on my head. Just a few of the extras you get with breakfast. Fruit cup, cheese made in the town, fresh OJ, coffee and of course chips and salsas.
My huevos revueltos con jamon – scrambled eggs with ham – some cheese and flat corn muffin. So good.
The prices here have gone up some too - but for the price of the meal you also get the glorious town. 
We were sitting up under roof instead of under the trees. Looking out at the outdoor patio part of the restaurant.
A memorial in the patio for Lola the parrot who had the run of the place for years. She'd go in the kitchen and the cooks would chase her out with a broom - all the while she'd be yelling at them. She died last October.
One of the ladies bathrooms
A new mural in the big back room of the restaurant.
A table runner all hand embroidered for sale in the restaurant. Beautiful.
After breakfast we walked around town some. We watched them building this house last spring.
A neighbors front stairs.
I mentioned the government is helping to pave the streets they are also helping refurbish the outside of several homes – this one is newly painted BLUE.
Another of the buildings that has been repainted. It was built in 1899
Even the side of it got painted. The road is newly paved. Was dirt last spring.
Much more to write about yesterday’s visit to El Quelite but will do another post for tomorrow. Tortilla making, road paving, building a new room for the restaurant...Have to go now.