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Friday, April 1, 2016

Moving the House

Thursday morning bright and early - about 6 a.m. - came the crew to prepare the house across the street for moving. 
Taking down the carport and the porch. The rippled metal roof was saved, the pieces put into the house. Also the screens off the windows went into the house. 
Carrying one of the axles that went under the house for moving. 
The shed that was behind the porch was cut to pieces with a sawzall.
Taking the piece off the front that covered the middle seam of the house. 
He had the most high tech piece of equipment - a machete. 
The south side [half] of the house. Sure was a lot of debris that was going to be left behind. There used to be a walkway and stairs here. 
Looking at it from the north side. Pulling the towing tongue out from under the house. 
The huge sheet of plastic stapled to the roof. It will be used to cover the open part when they are separated. 
One guy is under the house setting up the axle. See the plastic on the roof. This was taken right around noon. Very fast workers. 
Jacking one side up and starting to separate it. 

Taken about 2:00 House is ready to be moved - all the workers are gone. 
Dumpster was delivered to take all the debris left over. 
OH BOY - this morning around 8:00 a truck showed up. These pics are a little fuzzy 'cause I was taking them through a window. I didn't go outside 'cause I was watching NASCAR on the TV in my sewing/guest room. Bill was watching soccer in the living room. Busy morning. 
 Hooking the truck up.
 Starting to move it. By now it was interesting enough that I abandoned NASCAR
 I was standing in our open garage filming this. 
 Had to back up and reposition. 
 UMM!!! Aren't you getting a little close! That's the back end of my car there. 
 WOW Wait a minute let us move Willie! The truck is up on our driveway. The jeep is parked in the driveway next door as it is an empty house and owners asked us to park there. 
 Willie is moved so there he goes again. 
 Finally made the turn without any damage to anything. 
 Oversized load. No kidding. 
 The gray at the bottom right corner is our garage floor. See the truck tire tracks - the closest one the small one was from his first try.
 And there he goes around the corner. 
 By 10:00 they were back for the other half. It was being moved to another Mobile Home park not too far away. 
 The lot the way it looks now. All cleaned up and empty.
Very interesting the way they did it. Now we wait for the new homes that are supposed to be moved in. 
I took some movies - can't find my program that will splice them together so...


  1. About 15 years ago, I watched them move a manufactured home in two pieces like that one, except they had to back into the woods around trees and get it set up on a basement! Used a crane once they got it close to the space to lift it up and lower it on the basement walls. Very scary, but they managed. That one will never be moved because it was permanently attached to the basement, but it came in two pieces split down the middle, just like the one in your yard. Good thing you moved your vehicles!

  2. It must have taken a lot of hard work and time to built this moving house. Amazing post really got me intrigued.

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