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Friday, June 4, 2010

Electrifying Day

Friday a.m.
Didn’t realize so much time has passed since I last wrote. This morning is an absolutely beautiful morning. Bright blue sky, not too hot [yet] and a slight breeze. But I need to go back and catch up.
Our company from Idaho came Monday afternoon. Haven’t seen them for three years. In fact they came to visit us the day we signed the papers on the house. So they got to see it before we did the remodeling.
Tuesday we went out for breakfast and then walked around town a little bit. A couple of the original buildings in town. This is a restaurant – the building was built in the early 1900s. Lots of flowers in bloom downtown.

This one was built in the mid 1800s and was originally the home of the town weaver.

Just some stuff for sale – expensive stuff!

Speaking of expensive stuff – one place sells a lot of stained glass. Saw one window smaller then the ones we have in the living room and about half the work for $650! Also some really small sun catchers for $30 – maybe I need to put some of my stuff down there. Nope that would be a JOB. Also saw a neat fish shaped sun catcher – so came right home and made one – it is almost done. Will post picture of it when I finish it.
Sat out on back porch a lot with our friends and watched the animal life. The big tom turkeys came several times and some of the deer. This morning for the first time this year I saw a buck – young but with his antlers.
They left Wednesday a.m to go visit one of their daughters in KY – had a lulu of a storm just before they left. The lights even went out for a bit. Lots of rain and big light show. Then again Thursday morning another BIG storm came through. This one really got out attention. Suddenly the was a huge BANG and the house shook. Lightening struck the big tree in the side yard.

Note raw wood in front of arrow....
Tore a chunk out of it. The tree is right between the house and the Alfa. Pieces of the charred wood were all over the place. From the front steps to the back deck.
This is on the back deck
One big chunk knocked the top off one of the lights right next to the house
The chunks stink like burnt electrical wire.
A closer look at tree- see the raw chunk between the two trunks.
Then another storm last night – raining like crazy – we had just remarked that there was no lightening/thunder when a monster boom again shook the house just as the sky lighted up. Hit somewhere down in the woods behind us. Okay enough is enough! Both storms moved through real quick though. Around us there were high winds and hail but we didn’t get any of that.

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  1. I'm glad that tree didn't fall on the house or the RV! Those loud booms and lightening can be scary!