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Monday, May 31, 2010

House of Flowers

Sunday a.m.
Not much going on. We’ve harvested a wonderful crop of strawberries from the yard – beat the little animals to them this year. YUM – they taste so different from the ones we buy in the store. Much sweeter and stronger flavor.

Got the house TV provider changed and it is working fine. Just as the installer got here Thursday the heavens opened up. We got over two inches of rain in a little over an hour. Lots of thunder and lightening. But he went up on the roof anyway and put up the new dish and took down the old one for us. At one time the rain was so bad we couldn’t see beyond our back yard – we even got some hail, but just little ones and not much.
Yesterday was perfect, not humid and not real hot with a nice breeze. Today is more humid and might have rain this afternoon. And today is the Indy race so everyone is hoping the weather holds until it is over.
Bill’s spider bite is all better but he still has to keep the thumb bandaged as with the slightest bump or touch it starts bleeding again.
We’re getting our outside windows washed today. That’s one of the good or bad perks of getting old. I don’t want to wash them and I don’t feel guilty about having someone else wash them. (I’ll do the insides little by little.)
Yesterday was a good sports TV day. Kyle won the Charlotte Nationwide race in the afternoon (last weekend he won the truck race in Charlotte too) and the Lakers won their game last evening. It always amazes me how those great big men can get as far off the ground as they can. This afternoon is the Indy race (Go Helio) and the Cup car race in Charlotte – Go Kyle. Guess it will be a lazy day for me.
Monday a.m. – no rain yesterday but lots forecast for today – and it is very humid.
Guess I shouldn’t have mentioned Helio or Kyle neither won.
Our company should be getting here this afternoon, Can’t wait! Will be so great to see them.
We finally moved our outdoor table on the back deck to right outside the kitchen doors. So now we use it once in a while. Nice to sit there and listen to the sounds from the woods.

Found out the other day that our neighbors call our house “The House of the Flowers” Maybe because of this?

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