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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lifes Little Bumps in the Road

Saturday 9/11 – The sky is crying today!
Yes we are finally getting much needed rain. Woke to thunder this morning and then the sound of falling rain. Don’t think it is in time to help the farmers but maybe at least the lawns and trees will be happier and greener. Brown County even made the evening news – There are worries that the colors won’t be as spectacular this fall and that might affect the tourist industry. October is the month the stores and hotels make the most money.
So far this year the tourism has already been down. In the mean time we are just enjoying the rain. Last evening while just sitting around it actually got cold enough in here to put on a sweat shirt! Had already been wearing jeans instead of shorts the past few days. Hallelujah!
Monday. a.m.
Last week was an interesting sort of week. To maintain the lower rate of property taxes on our house we have to prove residence in Indiana. Main proof accepted is an Indiana driver’s license. So off we went to the BMV (same as dmv – just different initials.) The whole BMV building would fit in half of the waiting rooms in either Los Angeles or Las Vegas. No one else was there! Behind the counter were three very nice ladies. Since 9/11 I guess license getting has become more secure (read ‘a pain’). They wanted a birth certificate [yah right] but would take a passport [no problem] Then two proofs of address with name on them. Well since we get all our bills and statements on line/e-mail that presented a problem. The Driver had to go to the bank and get a couple months of statements printed out. I was okay – thank goodness for the antiquated way utilities in Brown County do business I had a couple of house hold bills with my name on them. Oh Oh! we had to take a written test!!!! Kidding right? Nope. I picked up a manual and decided to take it the next day. But The Driver plunked himself down and took the test. Well he had to go back the next day to take it again. Some really weird questions on it and some questions about things I’d never heard of – like speed limits on “rural interstates vs urban interstates” ?? What? And the picture. New rules just here or all over? “Have to take glasses off” and “Can smile but can’t show teeth.” Very scary – all we need are numbers across our chests. If we ever have to show them to a cop he’ll draw his gun on us and try to find out what prison we escaped from.
Tuesday a.m.
What else – oh yes. The internet company that I use to build and host my web page
[ www.movingon1.com ] decided to upgrade my server?? what ever that means. What it meant to me was when I tried to update a page all my pictures disappeared the first time I tried and when I tried to correct that I couldn’t update anything at all. Panic! Can’t talk to them over the phone, just email. Took several back and forth emails and a couple of days but finally everything is working again. I hope. Haven’t tried today.
Right now I’m trying to upload a video to YouTube – not having much success. It is a very small video about 30 seconds, been trying for 10 minutes and it is telling me “23 minutes remaining.” Good grief I’m not trying to upload Gone with the Wind. Don’t know if it’s youtube, our internet connection or my computer. But it sure isn’t worth it at this rate. Well my upload failed “unknown error.”
Guess we will be spending the winter in Mexico again and surprisingly in Jennie. My decision – I really need the air conditioning and Jennie only needs 15amps for hers to run. So now we are in the process of trying to get the satellite system on her fixed. If we can’t do it here we’ll do it in Arizona while we’re on the road.
They are logging the forest right up the hill from us. The trees sure make a lot of noise when they fall. And several big trucks have passed by filled with the logs. They all stop right in front of our house to put their selves into low gear and/or engine brakes to go down the rest of the hill.
Saw the fawns – their spots are almost gone now. Will try for a photo later.

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