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Monday, September 6, 2010

Lovely Fall Weather - for a few days

September 4th already! Where has this year gone? And today it feels more like the end of October – got down to below 50 last night and was around 79/80 all day yesterday with high winds. Today not supposed to make 80 – BUT next week back into the 90s.
This August was the driest on record since 1897 for Indiana. And the hottest for 20 years! Sure can tell it. Everyone's lawn is brown. Even the weeds are dying. The crops are ruined and the leaves are already falling off the trees.
Labor Day
The last three or four days have been wonderful – just like fall and getting really cold at night. Still no rain though.
Haven’t been doing too much. Enjoying company (people type) for dinner a couple of times. We are getting so much use out of that screened porch - we should have done it three years ago.
Now we are reloading all the stuff back into Jennie. I spent a couple of days while a few weeks ago unloading her. And now we have decided to take Jennie instead of the Alfa back to Mexico this winter. discovered a couple of places I want to go that will be easier to get to in the smaller RV. Also the air conditioning on Jennie will run off of 15amps - the Alfa needs a GOOD 30amps to run - hard to find down there. We’ll put Alfie back in storage. Even got him a cover! But now we have to move the satellite dish back off the Alfa onto Jennie – The Driver gave me a few dirty looks over that. When we get it moved then we will have to make our trip to Elkhart, IN to get it working right. Sometimes I think it is more trouble than it is worth.
Got a couple good pictures of the babies without the screen in the way. Every time we see them they are bigger.

Also saw a big eight point buck. But he doesn’t come around during daylight much. They teach classes here in how to clean and take care of deer and turkey meat. Don’t think I’ll run down and sign up for that.
Weird thing this year – we haven’t seen hardly any squirrels – last year they were all over the place – no chipmunks either. Wonder if it is the hot dry weather? On the other hand this year we have had zillions of butterflies. All sizes and colors.

And only a pair of hummingbirds are around. But they spend half the day buzz bombing the porch and feeder.

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