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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Adventures in Country Living

Wednesday a.m
Well its been quite a while since I updated this…..We have gone from record high heat the first day of fall to almost freezing this morning. A week ago today it was 96 and this morning it was 39! But supposed to warm up to the high 70s. We still have not had any rain to speak of. Just a few dribbles here and there. Not enough to help the lawns or fields. The whole bottom 2/3rds of the state are under a “burn ban” and every day on the news are stories about fires. Seems more like California newscasts then Indiana.
The trees have started to change their colors. Hope the dryness didn’t affect them too much.
Coming up the road from town to home.       (Remember - click on the picture to enlarge it)

So what’s been going on around here you ask? Well we got our permanent driver’s licenses (so we rand downtown and took care of the adjustment for the house taxes.) The color pictures don’t look quite as bad as the black and white temporary ones did. Now we just look like we should be in county jail instead of a federal penitentiary. Maybe Willie the Jeep got a peak at them cause he sure has been giving The Driver fits lately. Didn’t want to start in the morning without a jump. So got him a new battery yesterday. Hope that takes care of the problem and it’s not his innards.
And speaking of driver’s license – I mentioned before that WE (us old folks) have to show ours to buy alcohol. The state legislature is thinking about changing that. Well we discovered another liquor law the other day. You can’t buy more than 760 oz of wine/alcohol at a time. How do we know? Well we tried to buy 24 bottles of wine at once. The cashier could only ring up 12 of them – 760 oz. To buy the other 12 we had to go out of the store then come back in and buy the other 12 from a different cashier!!!! Also found out one can’t buy liquor before 7 a.m. – no we didn’t try the person standing in line behind us told us that gem.
While speaking of shopping – was in Wal*Mart and saw these were on the shelves. Guess it is common here but kind of threw me.
This is C'mere Deer
 Do you put this on toast?
In the same vein – these are the fawns – no more spots. We saw them yesterday in the road by the house as we were coming home. Mom had just gone down the hill into the trees.

Had more trouble with my web sites on the internet. Couldn’t even get on the jewelry site!! About had a stroke. Several e-mails later with the internet company and it was up and running but still more problems. I couldn’t up date it with the new necklace set I had made. More frantic emails and all is now well.

Just thought I’d include these pictures. One is just of an old barn we pass all the time and the other is from downtown.

Last weekend was the Welcome to Fall weekend and the “famous” outhouse races were held. They are called the NashCar Races!

We are starting to think about our winter trip. Well the Driver is planning and doing things, I am just thinking. No trip ever keeps to the plans. Got the satellite dish for Jennie but have to wait until we get somewhere to find someone who can connect it and make it work…….
Well that’s about it - oh, yes, we bought The Rosetta Stone in hopes that somehow the Spanish language can somehow penetrate my hard head. But guess I’ll have to study it now and then for that to happen. It doesn’t seem to be seeping in by just having my laptop sitting on the desk next to me. Oh Well!


  1. Colors here are almost in full swing. Beautiful and vibrant this year. Like the jewelry set.

  2. Love the outhouse race...what a hoot! You make beautiful jewelry. Wishing you safe travels out of IN before it gets too cold.