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Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve - going to be a quiet day.

Christmas Eve already – doesn’t seem like it to me. One long hot day just morphs into the next hot muggy day. This year we don’t even have our little tree – it was too big to fit in Jennie. Got a picture of our home with snow on the ground. Looked so nice and cool. Thank you Tom.
This morning I can’t get on line – guess every body else in the area is using the TelCel system. John said that the Internet at the restaurant wasn’t working too good either. All the kids are out of school now until around the 8th of January. Lots of people on the beach yesterday. Perfect day for it.
Did get Bill to go to the doctor yesterday. He has a virus or bacteria and is being treated for both. Rest, liquids and pills. Doctor says gringos can even get sick from the air! Lovely. I know it wasn’t anything he ate as we’ve both eaten the same things. And we both drink the water in our coffee and tea. I drink bottled water and he doesn’t drink water, only hot tea and Zero from home, which is probably part of the problem – he got dehydrated.
John’s wife Carol is a nurse in real life so I had her come over and take a look at Bill. She’s the one who knew of the Doctor and where he was. So off the three of us went, Bill driving of course. Very nice doctor in Santa Cruz about seven or eight miles from here. He speaks very good English and was available on Sunday. He has a Farmacia, examining room/office and his house all in one place. Cost 250 Pesos (US$20.00) for the visit, 3 prescriptions and 2 bottles of electrolytes. And advice of course. NO he didn’t say “Don’t drink the water” In fact he said drink lots of water. He also recommended rice water. Told me to get a cup of white rice and a liter of water and boil for ten minutes. Save the water and do what ever I wanted with the rice. And Bill should be drinking the water. But we don’t have any real rice – just instant….modern society.

Guess I’m just feeling sorry for myself today.

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