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Saturday, December 8, 2012

La Noria, Tequilla and Oysters

Yesterday we managed to keep pretty busy the whole day. First we took the laundry to be done, I love that – will get it back all nice and clean and folded and ready to put away. Then we made a quick stop at the market to pick up some Christmas cookies to take with us for a friend.
We were going to La Noria. We wanted to visit with Roberto – the leather worker – and wanted Derek and Teresa to see the little town. La Noria has a new sign at the edge of town right next to their arch.
As we drove down the bumpy cobblestone road we passed these girls.
Check out their shoes. How do they manage to walk on the cobblestones without breaking their ankles or legs. I couldn’t make it five feet.
In town we met two more young ladies all dressed up. Bill asked them what the occasion was and he was told they were going to the Christmas Posada. They all had gifts to give.
We didn’t find out where the Posada was so missed it. And we didn't see any boys all dressed up. Maybe they were already there waiting for the girls.
Bill visited with Roberto who was in the process of making this saddle.

While Bill was visiting we walked around outside and went to see one of the other leather shops. The back of the shop includes some very old buildings.

This one was used by the Revolutionaries as barracks. Maybe Pancho Villa was here?
The racks on the wall hold feet shaped shoe forms. We were told that the town dates back to before Mazatlan and that some of the homes still in use are around 400 years old.
Some of the shoes that were just made – drying and shaping in the sun.
The main street of La Noria – you can tell where one house ends and the next begins by the change of colors.
This one is for sale.
Here are two residences. One has been maintained – fixed up – the other is waiting for some TLC.
I have written so much about La Noria in the years past it is hard to come up with something new and different so I’ll just refer you to older blogs and the web page for more pictures and commentary. Use the search button to the right.
Time to go pick up the laundry so will post later about the rest of the morning. It will include the tequilla and oysters.

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