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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Malpica, Concordia and a night of fireworks

Arrrggg  The my watch says 6:35 the coffee pot clock says 12:50 – no rhyme or reason to that. There’ve been no power brownouts or outages as all other clocks are right. Just gremlins I guess.
Didn’t cool down as much last night remained very muggy. Ick.
Hope it starts getting a little cooler soon.
The 1st day of December, the last month of 2012 already. Good day to back up all information on your computers if you haven’t done it daily or weekly – or automatically.
Some where back in time a friend told me that if the first word out of your month on the first day of a new month is “Rabbits” you will have good luck all month. Don’t know the origin of the belief but what the heck. So I said “rabbits” right after I got up. Spooky here…..A big jack rabbit just ran in front of us here in the RV park. Maybe that will double the luck...or something.
We are in the back lot of the RV park where there are at least 30 spaces in three rows. A few spaces in the back row are used for storing a boat and some RVs. Our friends are in the back row, we are in the middle row. Yesterday afternoon two 5th wheels pulled in and parked RIGHT NEXT to us. Not even one space away but right next to us. Why would they want to be so close? Any way those were my nasty thoughts yesterday. Come to find out one of the 5th wheels had a flat so they were just here to change/fix it. They will be leaving today. So shame on me I guess.
I am trying to break the habit of sitting on my feet when sitting here at the dinette working on the laptop or beading. As I sit down my legs and feet just automatically fold under me. About ten minutes later they are both asleep from the knee down. It can’t be a good thing. But it is sure hard to remember not to do it. I have always sat on my feet – even at home curled up on the sofa. Bill says my 74 year old knees don’t like it either. He’s probably right.
Yesterday we did go somewhere – a couple of somewheres actually. We loaded us, Derek, Teresa and Cassia into the Jeep and headed in land to the bakery in Malpica. Found out the construction on the main highway through Mazatlan is not completed yet but the detour is only about 50 feet of rough road. AND some of the zillions of topes have been removed when the highway was repaved. Hooray!
I love the homes in Malpica they are so colorful. And these were a couple of the not so bright ones.
We could smell the bakery as we rounded the corner. I’ve mentioned before that to enter the actual baking area you have to go through the living room of the home. The bakers husband was sitting there watching TV and visiting with who ever came in. He is usually working in the bakery with his wife. But we found out he had finally had his knee surgery and was recuperating from it.
As always we bought a whole bakers tray of croissants.
Bill talking to the baker and Teresa in the background picking out yummies.
We walked over so Teresa and Derek could see the little church. It was being painted inside. Chartreuse and lavender.
ladder didn't look too safe
A lady helping out in there asked me if I liked the color. I told her it was very happy! That made her happy.
We also watch the man who makes the colorful tiles working for a while. Maybe I’ll make a second post showing him working. I’ve posted about him before in years past.
From Malpica we went to see our friend Antonio who has had to stop his carving business because he hasn’t been selling anything lately. He now works as a mason on some new construction. What a shame – he’s the one who carved all the fantastic wood spirit faces.
Then we went by the “laundry ladies.” It was kind of late and hot by then but a couple women were hard at work.
The concrete vats are full of natural hot water from a hot springs. The concrete tubs have washboards built into them.  
the lady in purple is all wet - at least she should be cooler
There are clothes lines strung up in all the nearby trees.
We left them to their work and continued on into Concordia where we stopped at the main plaza and had home made ice cream cones. Delicious.
Also stopped at one of the furniture manufacturing places. It has always been bustling and full of just made furniture. Everything there is done by hand, all the intricate carving and piecing. But today the place was almost empty. One worker told Bill that they haven’t sold any thing for a long time and have had to all find other jobs. So sad.

hand made and hand carved pieces
The lack of tourisum is really hurting businesses here.
Then on home for a rest during the heat of the day.
Later in the day after it cooled off some Bill and I went out for some night air. We went to the La Gran Mall so he could get his sign made. The parking lot of the mall was full. Finally found a place and went inside. It is a beautiful and very upscale mall. Check out the reflections in the polished floor.
The Christmas decorations were going up right next to the sign maker.
Santa is climbing down a rope from the ceiling.
After getting his sign made we walked around looking at some of the stores. I saw Vans brand slip-ons men’s size for 669 pesos about US$52.00 One of the colorful Barcelona FC (soccer team) shirts for US$75.00.
Lots of shoe stores for women. We stopped and went in this Contempo store. Love the windows, like walking through some of the shopping areas in Vegas.
And lots of people were carrying shopping bags. There is another new mall being built out on the north end of town where we are staying. Supposed to be very big. We’ll have to investigate it one of these days.
Left the mall and decided we were hungry. So off to the Plazuela Machado for dinner and people watching. Had to park a couple of blocks away it was so busy there. There was an event of some sorts – I could see a lot of young women in evening gowns parading across a stage with lots of music. Maybe one of the first stages of choosing the Carnaval Queen. Just as we were getting ready to sit down in the outdoor restaurant there were EXPLOSIONS! And MORE EXPLOSIONS –  No not Cartels just fireworks going off. Beautiful fireworks and we had a bird’s eye view of them.
The street was closed off so the tables and chairs for all the restaurants were out in the street and lots of people were already enjoying their meals.
The vendors lined sidewalks of the plaza selling all sorts of things: shirts, jewelry, hand bags, trinkets and shawls. Fun to walk around looking at stuff. Roving guitar players and a mime making balloon animals worked the tables. The weather was perfect as was the meal. No one rushes you to finish and leave. Once you sit down that table is yours for the night. The waiter, Pilar, is a good friend of ours so between customers he sat with us just talking.
We love to watch the whole families strolling around the plaza. From Grandma to tiny babies. And the young women on their platform 5 inch heels. How do they manage to walk in them? Especially on the cobblestones.
Finally said good night and headed home. Lots of traffic on the Malecón but it would all have to be gone by 4:00 a.m as today is the marathon here. And the main streets will be closed for part of the day.
This afternoon I think we’ll be going down to the sports bar in the Marina to see if we can watch a soccer game on TV.

If anyone wants more information on Malpica, Concordia or the wood workers you can use the search button as I’ve written lots and lots about them in the past.

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