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Sunday, June 28, 2015

A beautiful day

Hum…the actual name of this blog is “Life in Brown County” now that we won’t be living in Brown County anymore I really should change the name. But don’t think I will – it is just the URL – I think of the blog as “The Golden Years” which is still appropriate.
And every one is used to where it is.
I am so happy today – my favorite driver the #18 M&Ms NASCAR car won the race in CA today. After breaking his right leg and left foot in a crash in February!
We just got home from going out to dinner at McDonalds. All our food is already in the Alfa and the Alfa is at the RV park. The movers are supposed to come tomorrow between two and six. And of course tomorrow it is supposed to rain all day.
Today was a perfect day. 75°, no rain, no wind and best of all no humidity. Bill actually felt human all day.
Taking the Alfa to the RV park, its last journey down the road from the house.
And through the little town.
Parked and waiting for us to move in. The beginning of something new. 


  1. So long from a fellow Hoosier across the state from you in Bloomfield In. I sure do enjoy your writing of all the adventures.