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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Rain, rain go away

And this is the weather we've been having the last few days. When it isn't raining it feels like it is the humidity is so high.
This video doesn't do the storm justice. Didn't have the camera out when the wind came up and the rain was blowing sideways! And it thundered without stop for a solid half hour. The rain is making too much noise for the camera to pick up the thunder.
Today the humidity was over 77% - just plain miserable. Sure don't want to move around a lot. But we did get a few things done...and really wasn't thinking when we did them. Packed all the dishes but forgot to go out to the Alfa and bring in the dishes from there. So will do that first thing in the a.m. And I actually fixed a dinner - ate on paper plates, which was okay, but didn't have any serving dishes or bowls. So will have to bring a few bowls and serving plates in too. 
Another sports watching day today. NASCAR - and my favorite driver WON - the first time he'd been back in the#54 Xfinity car, the one he had the bad wreck in, and he won! Also watched Women's soccer and men's Copa America soccer. And now I'm waiting for the truck race to start - It's almost 9:30 and the track isn't dry enough to race yet so it will be a late night. 

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