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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Rain, packing, Rain, soccer, Rain...well you get the idea - RAIN

Another day, more packing and more rain. This is the one thing that it is bothering me to get rid of. I love my books. But have read most of them twice so...
 The continual rain has everything blooming. Took some pictures out in the yard during the few minutes it was dry out. These are so pretty, I wish they lasted longer. 
 Looking up into one of the flowers. 
 And all over the county the lilies are blooming. These are all wild. The ones I planted the deer ate before they could bloom. And before I remembered to put "Deer Off" on them. 
 A closer look at one. They are so pretty. I'll miss them. 
 And just another bush that is blooming. 
 And daisies by the mail box. Before I could do any more wandering around the sky opened up again. 
By now almost everything is packed. I'm almost afraid to sit still for fear Bill will box me up. I'm not kidding. He walks around the house looking for more things to box. Now we are going to have a couple of boring weeks with nothing to do before the movers and the sale. We have packed so many things I'm having to go out in the Alfa and bring things in so we can function. 
Now we're making last minute appointments with doctors etc and calling some services and giving them cancellation dates.  
We've been watching a lot of soccer - the Copa America - the South American countries, Mexico and the US. Just in the first knockout stages. Been some upsets already. Also watching the Women's World Cup. 


  1. I'm confused. Did you sell your house already?

  2. No we haven't. More on that later