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Saturday, September 5, 2015

A great couple of days.

Where to begin - so much has happened in a few short days. First off took my last antibiotic yesterday and already feel half human today. Which is a good thing 'cause we have lots and lots to do. And the weather has cooled down - only in mid to high 90's this week with lows at night in the low 70's. 
But to our news. On Thursday we heard a commotion outside and low and behold there was our shed on a trailer and a crane to lift it over the house. Oh My!They'd been promising us the shed ever since we moved in. It was kind of becoming a joke when we'd get it. It is a nice size Tuff Shed so worth waiting for. - No charge. Putting the straps around it to lift it. 
 Up it comes. Breath holding time. 
 Don't drop it now!
 Kind of a tight squeeze to get it settled between garage and patio and helpful tree.  Touched patio roof once but just barely. And of course the wind was blowing. And the door was facing the wrong way - so back up it had to go and be turned around. 
 Everything in right position, put it down. 
Settled on the ground. It is a different color than the house but we do have house paint left if we get ambitious. They got it all leveled and it is great. Then they came inside and put the rest of the knobbies on the cupboards. Wow - Thursday - a great day. 
So we spent part of the rest of the day moving things out of the house into the shed. All the Christmas boxes now have a home as do some empty containers and suitcases. And they barely filled a small part of the shed. We can put so much more in there - as soon as we find it. 
I mentioned that "maybe" we'd get the rest of our furniture on Sunday. The driver wasn't sure but thought he'd make it here then. 
Friday morning about 10:00 we got as call from the driver. I thought Oh Oh - delay. He started out with - " I estimated my route wrong." Oh No! I thought. "I can delivery your goods right now if you want, or I can deliver them Monday." "Right now?" I replied. "Yes or not until Monday."  "Right now is fine." 
"Good, I'll call you when I'm closer."  In about 30 minutes he called from the gate! By 2:00 everything was unloaded and he was gone. Wow sure didn't plan on that. He did not ask us for any more money - showed us the "Paid in Full" receipt he had. Only one thing in the whole move [both loads] was damaged and it is my sewing machine cabinet...Bill says he can fix it with no problem. And a couple of glasses, a plate, a ceramic bowl and a couple of pictures with cracked glass. Much better experience then we anticipated. So here we are again with rooms full of boxes full of stuff we don't know where to put.
But we do now have a real bed - up off the floor.
Time to get busy and start sorting through a few things. Especially if I want to watch NASCAR later. 


  1. Glad you had a good surprise .

    1. Me too - now I wish someone could just wiggle their nose and it all would be put away

  2. Wonderful news. No need to rush to put it away. You have all the time in the world. Relax and enjoy the experience.

  3. I tell myself that too as I jump up to empty another box. Easy to think, hard to do.