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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Busy four months

4 months ago today we returned to Indiana after wintering in Mexico. Wow - so much has changed since then.
I was looking back through the blog and it was less than a week after returning there that we knew for sure we had to leave the area. Bill’s allergies were back in full bloom making it hard for him to even walk around the house. Check out the link
Talked to the mover again today, he says he thinks he will be here on Sunday with the rest of our furniture. So next week we’ll be real busy. Looking forward to it but dreading it too. Be nice to have all our “stuff.”
Today most of the knobs in the kitchen got put on - they had counted wrong so ran out of knobs - can nothing go right? But the front door screen door is installed.
Tomorrow the electrician comes to check the breaker panel. It will be nice when we can run the lights and the microwave at the same time.

Don’t feel so good again today - last of antibiotics tomorrow - hurray - so don’t feel like writing much. 

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