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Saturday, October 9, 2010

All the Pretty Colors

Saturday a.m.

Well we are in the midst of another heat wave. Supposed to be in the high 80s maybe 90 today and tomorrow. Indian Summer I guess. Still no rain. Just a very few short sprinkles in the last 100 days!

We have had a taste of winter though. Had to have the heat on for a couple of days. And the nights have been down into the 30s. Bill says it is time to get out of here. Personally I’m loving it. I’ve had more energy the last couple of cool weeks than I had all summer.

Finally, after three years, finished painting the laundry room and one long wall in the glass workshop. Looks SOOOOO much better. No more chipped and peeling paint and lots of different colors and just plain ick on the walls. At least I’m happy with it.


You gotta love the times we live in….Went to buy some croissants the other day. We’ve been buying them for years. They came 20 croissants in a large clear plastic container. Well went to get some the other day and couldn’t see any on the shelves so we asked the clerk. She pointed to a cardboard box and said “There they are.” Well the box was quite a bit smaller than the plastic container. Bill asked, “How many are in there?” She replied, “Twenty, same as before.” Hummm. They were the same price as before so we got them. Well when we opened the box – there were 20 alright but they were about half the size as they used to be. Barely three bites each!! So many things are getting smaller for the same price. Ice cream for one thing and TV dinners. Oh well.

Bill got me a Nook for my birthday, early. Took a little bit getting used to holding it comfortably. Have discovered that hard cover books are cheaper and paperback are more expensive to buy as eBooks. I’ve only checked Barnes and Nobel so far. It’s mainly to use when we are in Mexico and I can’t find English books. Just need a wifi connection and I’ll be able to download them. Speaking of which – we will be taking Jennie north to Elkhart next week to get the satellite up and running – I hope.

Went over to visit the Alfa yesterday. It’s all covered up and settled in for winter.

Lots of color in the hills now. Took some pictures going into town yesterday. Every day it gets prettier and more and more tourists show up. A couple of pictures of the ground fog a couple of days ago.

Getting prettier and prettier
There is a horse standing there.
 Corn field
Just an old shed
 More horses
More pictures from the road into town.

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