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Friday, November 30, 2012

Jennie's Spa Day


Before I forget - a Lisa is some kind of fish. It is on every restaurants menu. Supposed to be good. And I try to update the blog every morning with the day befores adventure or lack of adventure.
Sunrise this morning looking towards the back of the campground.
We are surrounded by palm trees. And as you can see the campground here in the back is empty except for a couple of rigs in storage and us and Derek and Teresa.
Yesterday we stayed in the campground all day. First thing in the morning the people showed up to wash Jennie. What a difference a year makes! Last year two guys showed up in a beat up pickup with buckets, rags and a hose. This year a man and wife showed up in a van with its own water supply, long brushes and equipment for cleaning the interior too. Whoopie – they came inside and dusted and vacuumed. My kind of car wash! They did a great job. Bill’s only complaint was that the picture on the Speedy Wash van showed a women in a bikini and the lady who came had on coveralls ….. oooohhhh – too bad. And dumb me I forgot to take any pictures.
Before the washers left the oil changers came. So yesterday was Jennie’s spa day. New oil and filter. The oil changers were also a couple. Both vehicles the women were driving. Mexico is changing.
Speaking of Mexico I saw some statistics the other day that made me kind of mad. The article was about the violence in Mexico as compared to some other places. Did you know that Detroits murder rate is double Mexico’s? Also Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic have murder rates much higher than Mexico. Why aren’t the papers full of that info – tourists go there all the time. I feel safer here than I ever did in Los Angeles or Vegas or for that matter Indianapolis where there is at least one shooting a day and usually more. One of the big RV parks here in downtown Mazatlan is completely empty. There are about 10 RVs in the one next to the beach and about 15 here. It is really a shame. In fact it is so bad it even made the evening Mazatlan news. But the news did say that more and more North Americans are buying apartments here – sales have gone up the last two years “since things are getting worse in the north.”
I worked on my necklace yesterday – got it about ¼ done. I discovered between the pattern and the beads I’m using I have to have really really good light to work on it. So I chased the sun shine around inside Jennie yesterday working on it.
CLOCKS – my challenge is back! The new coffee pot we had to buy before leaving home has a clock on it. It’s been working fine – it was easy to set. Yesterday I noticed the time was wrong. Thought Oh well must have been a short power outage I didn’t notice. So I set it. Later I looked at it and the time was wrong. What the…? Set it again. A couple hours later wrong again. This time I mentioned it to Bill. He just smiled at me….Well this morning it is way off. Gremlins I guess.
Speaking of Gremlins, remember the little flying bugs from last year? We DID NOT leave home with any but every once in a while I see one flying around in here. I think the ones we left here last year have found us!!!
Just about sunset last night there was such a racket outside I had to go out and check. The BIRDS were in the vacant lot next door. Zillions of them. Flying in mass from tree to tree. So many we could hear their wings flapping. This is only a small portion of them. It was amazing.
Later they left our area for another across the street.
they are flying towards the beach
While the birds were flying and squawking Bill was putting some light on Jennie. Now we look so holidayish.
Today we’ll have to do something interesting – go somewhere….but where?  Hum….
It is still very warm here and will remain so for at least a couple of weeks. In the mid 80s but it cools down nicely at night to about 60 thank goodness. Yesterday the wind changed and it was coming off the water instead of in from the desert.

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