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Monday, August 31, 2015

Talked to mover - furniture might be here soon

Well we talked to the driver who will deliver the rest of our furniture. The only problem is he is in Chicago and our furniture is still in Indiana. But he says in a day or two he’ll know when he’ll get here. Hopefully by this weekend. And I got an e-mail from the moving company saying in writing that we don’t owe the driver any money when he gets here. I hope they told him that.
It is finally starting to cool down here some. Barely over 100 - well 102- but that’s better than 112. And nights it is getting into the low 80's. By next week it will be high of 99!!! and lows of 74/75. Bill is still going out into the garage every morning to get it set up. He works out there until it gets too hot. But I think he is almost finished. Then what is he going to do? I’m afraid to ask. But by then we should have all our stuff.
Boy the antibiotics I’m taking are messing with me. Making me feel lousy. All I want to do is lay around all day. They best be working.
The contractor guy’s worker is here now putting the knobbies on the kitchen cabinets. And I think he is also supposed to put the screen door on the front. [later - neither job got finished today.]
The cabinet is done and standing in the dining area. 
Probably will move it a couple of times before I decide where I want it.  Looks really nice. Our son came by yesterday and helped Bill stand it up - sure glad he did the thing is very heavy.

It’s 8:00 p.m. and Bill is back out in the garage. 

He says he is trying to get everything done before the rest of the stuff gets here. Also we are supposed to get our shed on Wednesday. Will believe it when I see it. 

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