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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Country Life Strikes Again

Friday p.m.
Bought a couple of bottles of “5-Hour Energy Drink” but since I bought it I haven’t wanted 5 hours of energy so it is still sitting in the kitchen waiting. Actually the past few 100 plus days neither of us has done anything more strenuous then choose a new book to read. When we walk out side it feels like our weight has doubled and it is hard to take a breath. And Bill has managed to catch a summer cold – so he is doubly miserable.
Todays “You Might be a Redneck” calendar page says “The oil stain in your driveway is bigger than your car.” See that a lot around here. Last weeks newspaper had an article about the guys who do some of the road work around here. Especially the ones who clear the brush and ditches along the sides of the roads. Seems like a lot of the owners of the properties around here come after them with guns to make them stop their work.
Saturday p.m.
Hummmm we are without a telephone Guess the “if it’s mechanical it will stop working” curse is still at it. Called the phone company – got recorded selections only – last one was “Your problem will be fixed by 8 p.m. Tuesday August 17th.” That’s 2 ½ weeks away – what the heck!
Monday p.m.
We had three really nice days in a row – temps livable and low humidity- for here that is. Bill didn’t get to enjoy any of them as he is still sick with his cold. I mean in bed sick. Now I’m wishing I’d bought the Nook e-reader. At least I could download some new books. Finally finished the one I downloaded to my computer – don’t like reading that way.
Finally got a hold of a live person with the phone company – They say it is a big problem with a cable and a large area is affected and they are working on it. Sunday they said it would be fixed that night, Monday they said it would be fixed that night.
Tuesday a.m.
Still no phone so called phone company again – now they are saying the 17th again. BUT we discovered a broken line in front of our house – so called and told them. They might come out and check…….
The weather has turned again – heat index up to 110 with the humidity. At least Bill is feeling somewhat better today – We talked to a friend yesterday who has the same thing and he went to the doctor – doc told him it is taking about 15 days to run its course. Here’s an interesting piece of info that was on the news last night. The state fair is in progress in Indy this week. Yesterday several people needed emergency help because of the heat. This year the whole theme of the fair is Pigs – Pork. Well it seems that pigs don’t have sweat glands and they are housed in an unairconditioned building so they are really suffering from the heat…..The fair people are starting to worry that the poor piggys might start dying on them. No one seemed to have an idea about what to do for them. .. Will have to keep watching the news for more info.
As for the Alfa – the slide motor is shot so had to order a new one from California – still waiting for it to be delivered.
Not much else going on around here. It’s been so hot even the animals aren’t coming out of the woods to eat. And it’s been so dry the leaves are already starting to fall off the trees. Wonder if that will affect the colors this year?

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