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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Very nice week

Thursday p.m
Well I think I can safely say that Bill is feeling almost himself. The last three days he has been up and around more than he was down and out. Thank goodness! Still not overdoing it though as doc says if it comes back it will be worse?!?! Sure glad I never got it.
And the Alfa is now home too. All of its innards and outards fixed. The big slide works better than it ever did before. So it is parked out front waiting for us to take a short trip. Still have to get the satellite fixed and we can do that in northern Indiana. And then maybe swing up into Michigan for a look see. (We need to fill in that blank on our map.)
Not sewing on my quilt for a while – only have a very little to finish but I put a little too much of myself into it the other day. Sewed my finger to it – OUCH that hurt.
The weather has been wonderful the last few days – in the 80s with low humidity. Makes you want to go out and do something. Instead of just sit and drip. Hummm maybe I should try that 5 hour energy stuff and paint the laundry room. Naw…. We did get one little rain shower but not enough to do any good for the plants and lawn. Lots of fields of dry corn around here now. And no rain in forecast for at least a week.
While visiting on the back porch earlier today the mama deer and her two fawns came by. They are getting so big. Unfortunately the light was bad so my pictures aren’t too good.

Had a good NASCAR weekend last weekend. My favorite driver Kyle Busch won all three races, Truck, Nationwide and Cup at the Bristol track. First ever driver to manage that.

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