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Monday, August 2, 2010

Not Much Going On - Too Hot

Monday p.m.
Already almost two weeks since I wrote last. Where does the time go? And it is August already. We‘ve had a couple of nice days – low humidity and cooler weather, but can’t get used to it as we are headed back into the 90s today or tomorrow. The grass is getting brown and all the flowers in the planters are looking pretty sad. Bill waters them everyday but doesn’t seem to help. Guess I shouldn’t have been bad mouthing the rain.
Let’s see what’s been going on? Oh yes, another tornado in the same area as the one I mentioned last time. Northing up around us – and no rain since then. But it has been very hot and humid. Stay inside days for sure – for me anyway.
Bill got the pump for the pond fixed – the lightening strike burned it up. So that is working and the fish are happy again. Lately it seems like “if it can stop working it will.” Got my new printer all hooked up and working and my scanner stopped working – luckily I just had to reload the driver for it. Bill got the satellite dish on the Alfa to go up and down (the RV place connected the wires wrong!) but then the big slide wouldn’t go in. So had to take it to the RV place – after manually pushing the slide in……It might be a cable or it might be the slide motor. CRAP And to take the Alfa in Bill had to drive it down the little, narrow country road full of over hanging trees and pot holes that we use to go into town. The nice wide straight road we usually leave and come back on is closed until October – bridge work. But as usual The Driver had no problem with it. But glad he didn’t meet anything big coming the other way.

He wasn't happy until he got around it.
Said I’d got my sewing machine back, well when I tried to use it another part of it didn’t work – a part that was working when I took it in! So had to take it back and got it fixed, for free, while we waited. Thank goodness. Now there is no excuse for not finishing the quilt.
The dog is gone. He stayed here a little over a week and then disappeared – He went out one afternoon and never came back. Hopefully he went home.
Oh yah, we did get the Droid phone – probably will never be able to figure out how to use all its features – but we have it. Did manage to use the GPS and put in some phone numbers. And somehow without realizing it we took a video! – got to watch out for those buttons on the side.
Think I mentioned we looked at the Kindle and the Nook. So out of curiosity I downloaded a free book to my laptop. DON’T like reading from it. I wiggle around too much when I’m reading to be comfortable with the laptop. Also it gets hard on the eyes after a while. Maybe the other things would be easier as you can hold them in your hands. Wish I could borrow one for a couple of days.

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