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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dead Crops and Road Stripes

Thursday a.m.
We are still in the midst of the heat wave. Got a brief respite yesterday when a small thunderstorm passed over and the temps dropped 21 degrees in 15 minutes. Then rose 22 degrees in the next hour. We could see the steam rising off the street. Outside was like a steam bath!
We still have no land line telephone – the wire outside is still hanging in the street. Guess the Company doesn’t think it is important enough to check out and/or fix. Tried to find another phone company but no one services this area - so guess ATT can do as they please. When they please.
Talked to a friend of ours yesterday who is a farmer (makes his living from the farm) and he said his corn crop is gone – even if it starts raining now it won’t help. But his soy beans can still be saved if it starts to rain soon. But only if it rains soon and long.
Took the parts up to the RV place yesterday and passed by field after field of dried corn stalks. It’s really bad. Everyone’s lawn is brown instead of green.
Bill finally went to the doctor for his cold that turned out to be more serious than that. Got a couple of shots and antibiotics and seems to be on the mend.
Sunday p.m
No change in weather…..the hottest July and August in 22 years. And still no rain for this area of the state. Other parts up north are flooding!
Did I mention that the leaves are falling off the trees already! At this rate there won't be any left to change colors in the fall.

Had to go to Bloomington, town 20 miles west of us to pick up Bill’s new glasses. We went the back way – the shortest way- cause I’d read in the paper that the county had repaved the potholes. And that they stripped the road. Well most of the pot holes were re paved so the ride was nicer than it has been. And they did restripe the road – only the part they repaved……Only in Brown County.

Reminds me of a joke I saw a long time ago entitled "Not my job."

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