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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Interesting Week -

Wednesday p.m.
The last few days have been gorgeous! Not hot, not humid – just perfect.
Sunday we went into town for groceries, stopped at Wal*Mart and bought them. Bill picked up a bottle of wine and added it to the cart. We got to the check stand and first the cashier asked for my ID – they have to input the buyer’s birth date into the register to ring up any alcohol purchases! Then she said “Oh, you can’t buy it today any way. It’s Sunday.” Lord I love living here.
Our telephone – land line- is finally fixed – Took two weeks. The story the phone company fed us about it being a widespread cable problem was just that a story. It was the broken cable out in front of our house. The tech fixed it in a couple of minutes. He says two months ago there were 37 repair men in this area (several counties) now there are 6! 31 got laid off – so all repairs etc take forever to get taken care of. And there is no different service available here in the toolies.
Saturday morning
Thank Goodness. Woke up to rain this morning. Our poor lawn and flowers are probably already beyond saving – but the weeds should flourish again. Only supposed to rain off and on today and then no rain and high temps for the next week or more.
The repairs are finished on the Alfa – saved quite a bit of money by ordering and delivering the parts ourselves. If the RV place had ordered them they would have cost us double the amount we paid for them. Let’s have a 100% mark up! So it now has a new big slide motor and a new step. The rest of it is in great shape. Except for the satellite –
This has been an interesting week – Got the phone fixed, it finally rained for a little bit this morning and oh yes, Bill has been in the hospital…yep. Have mentioned before that he wasn’t feeling good. Went to doc who said it was a sinus infection – lungs were clear etc. etc. So gave him shots and put him on antibiotics – which made him so sick he couldn’t take them.
After going to doc he felt a little better for a couple of days then got really bad. Was having trouble breathing. So bad in fact I called 911 – so this week we’ll be an item in the Sheriff’s Log – They took him to the hospital in Columbus where the docs were afraid he was having heart problems. Spent the night there and had all kinds of tests – which showed that his heart is in fantastic condition – has a young man’s heart. No problems with his blood, cholesterol, blood pressure, lungs, heart or anything else they could check. Then they sent him home. Still don’t know what is wrong – their best idea is a nasty flue like virus that is going around and that will take a couple more weeks to run its course. He is still very tired, but cough is better and he can breathe fine.
I’ve been working on putting some of the pictures from last years Mexico trip into slide shows. Glad I watched the first one before I made any more. For some reason I set the duration for each picture at 3 seconds – Let me tell you that was one fast slide show….Couldn’t bore anyone with it that’s for sure. Zip Zip Zip. Have done a couple more since and redone that one.
Also been working on quilting my quilt – everything else on it is done. Can only work on it for a little while at a time – just gets too hot.
This section has already been quilted
This section hasn't
Have about 20 more sections to do to finish it.

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