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Sunday, November 23, 2014

All we did was eat out yesterday

Well for some reason the internet here in the park is not available this morning. So I’ll write this and post it when I can. Maybe it is time to get our TelCel stick.
For some reason my Nook worked great all day yesterday…so I guess I’d better read fast before it decides to shut down again and stay shut down. Just like the camera I have another one at home, an older one, and decided not to bring it with us because – why should I? I won’t need it. Grrrrr….
Also one of the over head lights in the living room of the Alfa went out yesterday, not the bulbs but the fixture and it is a 12 volt fixture. Do we have an extra one? Nope. As much as we travel you’d think we’d have a spare one. Oh well. Maybe we can find one in Guaymas.
Our friends from Belize got in yesterday and they need to go to Wal*Mart and Home Depot so that will probably be our adventure for today.
Yesterday we didn’t do much. Did go out to breakfast at a new place for us, El Mar restaurant. It is right on the beach but all inside with a great view. Good food Good prices. We both had coffee, French toast and shared a big platter of fruit. About US $13.

Good French toast and lots of it. with real butter and syrup. 
Lots of delicious fruit
Hung around the RV park most of the day talking to fellow travelers. Later we went back to the same restaurant for dinner – took our friends with us – they’d never been there either. Another really good meal. I had salad, chicken, rice and vegetables and ice tea and Bill had a pulled pork sandwich. Less than US $20. My chicken 
Bill's sandwich I was teasing him because all the restaurants at home in Indiana serve pulled pork sandwiches and he never had one there. Had to come all the way to Mexico to find out he likes them. 
Weather continues to be good. Warm during the day and cool at night. 

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