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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

An up and down day

Good Evening from Quartzsite, AZ.
Yesterday morning the Alfa got washed – from top to bottom. Our neighbors RV with reflection of man on Alfa’s roof.
He said he couldn’t believe how dirty the roof was. Probably from sitting under the trees at home all summer.
So anyway, this morning we got up put things away and then went out to breakfast. We left Vegas around 9:00 Pacific Time and 209 miles later we were in Quartzsite at 1:15 Mountain Time. Finally we will be done with time changes for quite awhile as from here to and including Mazatlan the time remains the same.
We took the wonderful scenic 95 south – us and many many more snowbirds.
Going through the home town of the infamous Harry Reid – Searchlight, NV. 
Notorious for being a speed trap. You are tooling along at 75 mph and then there is a sign 55, a few feet further 45, another few feet 35 and then 25. And you’d better be slowed down. Many a ticket has been given out here. No we haven’t got one but know a lot of people who have.
Our drive today was kind of an up and down one – literally! Lots and lots of dips (vados.) Glad it wasn't raining. 
A pretty view of the desert, mountains and sky.
We are stopped at the Kofa Mountain RV Park in Quartzsite. It is a Passport America park  - $20 a day with tax - in a nice pull through with 50amps and wifi.
Right now there aren't that many people and/or RVs here - not quite the season yet. By January there will be more than 250,000 people here camping in the desert. Yes camping in the desert without hookups.
We did go out to dinner but that’s about it today. We’re going to stay here tomorrow and leave Friday morning for Amado.

Wow, just saw a news blurb – there was a 4.8 earthquake in Oklahoma and Kansas. Bet they were surprised. 


  1. Nice ride. We spent the night in Searchlight one year - it was pretty cold - spring. Nice pic of the road - not my favourite kind. You had me with Amado…. So - then into Mexico I bet.

    LOVED Guanajuato by the way!

  2. Where is Amado - Mexico? If so where do you cross the border? Safe travels

  3. Amado is about half way between Tucson and Nogales, AZ about 25 miles north of the Mexican border. We stay there every year until we're ready to cross into MX using the truck crossing just to the west of Nogales.

  4. Thanks, just could not place it - as before safe travels