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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Meeting new friends and checking out Guaymas, MX

BRRR – it is cold this morning before light. I got up at 6:30 and had to put a sweat shirt on. But yesterday was wonderful – though a tiny bit warm for me 88. I forgot to set up the coffee pot last night so only have a half of cup of old coffee this morning – didn’t want to make any and wake Bill up. But think I’ll do that now as the trash trucks just came through the park picking up the garbage – before light – what a racket.
When Bill was asking the manager of the park where they could find tires for John’s truck in Guaymas the manager gave him a printed map of the town – wish we’d had it last year. Anyone who read the blog last year might remember our quest for the Shell House – took us days to find it. Well it is good and truly marked on this little map! And when we went into town we parked right across the street from it.
Stopping to make coffee!
I’ve talked about the Road Log I use when we’re traveling here in Mexico – it is better than a road map when using the toll roads. Shows all the toll booths, gas stations, topes and check points. Also information about the towns and campgrounds. It’s a little hard to see here. It is available for download at a minimal cost. Covers lots of different areas of Mexico. 
Since we’ve been here in San Carlos we’ve seen our friend John, a couple we met last year in Huatabampito when we were getting the Alfa painted stopped by to let us know they also got their rig painted there. And we met another couple who have been reading our blog. They stopped by to visit with us yesterday. That is so much fun to meet new people.
Driving in towards downtown Guaymas we saw this neat fountain, I don’t remember it from last year.
Right downtown. All traffic has a red light and pedestrians can cross the street cattycorner or from corner to corner. I think that’s a good way to do it.
One of the beautiful old buildings – I think a bank – that is in dire need of some TLC.
The coast line – the cathedral in the middle. The water was a beautiful blue.
Drove over and parked by the Plaza 13 de Julio right in front of the Iglesia San Fernando. I like the light posts and gazebo. Very ornate iron work on them.
Walking around we saw this very old building – the weather is slowly destroying it. The old adobe blocks are wearing away.
Intricate mural in a parking lot. Too bad the guy parked right in front of it.
I wonder how old the brown wood part of that building is.
Back in the plaza we noticed this area. An area for exercise for senior citizens.
How to use the equipment.
Just as I was going to take a picture of the equipment these not so senior citizens showed up to use it.

Some more of the equipment – the closest one is like a stair stepper. I tried it about three steps – enough for me. Guess I should come here every day and take advantage of it.
While you are shopping or taking care of business you can get your car washed. And they do an excellent job.
Or if you’re stopped at a red light you can get your windows washed.
Or buy a candied apple.
After our ride we just vegged out at home. Enjoying the weather.
I actually cooked dinner too – mostly we’ve been eating out so it was kind of nice to have a home cooked meal. I cook, Bill cleans up.
I've got to mention this. Bill is feeling human again  - last night we were listening to some tangos on his PC and he got up and started dancing! It is so good to see him smiling again. 

Don’t know what if anything we’ll do today. 


  1. The Road Log looks very interesting - where could we get it? Did you download it and print it for your use - I noticed it seemed to be in a notebook. Would appreciate any info you can share. TIA

  2. I love it - so much good info you can check it out at http://www.ontheroadin.com/mexico_road_logs__driving_guide.htm
    they have several different ones. you choose the one(s) you want, pay for it and download it. Then we print it and put it in a note book. Our old one was three years old and I had all kinds of notes in it which I just transferred to the new one. Especially amount at each toll booth.-they go up every year but it gave me an idea how many pesos to have ready.

  3. Loving reading and seeing your travels.

  4. Thank you - will be checking this out this evening - we don't leave until the day after Christmas. We may cross at Laredo or Eagle Pass.

  5. Looked at the site and very interesting - the only thing is it does not have the route we like to take from Eagle Pass, TX to Mazatlan by way of Durango and the backbone. If it does we did not catch it but very interesting to take a look at it. Thanks for sharing the site with us.