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Saturday, November 22, 2014

San Carlos sunset.

Another day and another beautiful morning – well except for the trash truck and the racket it makes. Up early again, but at least it is light out.
Another butterfly picture from yesterday. I wish they would hold still long enough to get a really good picture. All kinds and colors of them.
We had a rather lazy day yesterday. Did take a ride to the Estuary – but this year most of it is fenced off. We found one road? That got us close to the lagoon. But it got too wet to go to far.
The lagoon – there were a couple of fishermen out there in their boats, but too far away to get a good pic of them. This picture is looking south east away from the Gulf waters.
We got back on the road and headed towards Guaymas along the gulf. Across the bay is San Carlos. Beautiful country: desert, cactus, mountains and blue water and sky.
Did not see many birds this time, just this one – wonder why?
Once we got to the Guaymas area we took a road we’ve never taken before and it eventually led us back towards town. Houses are built close together here.
Back in the business part. Auto Zone, Blockbusters, Dominoes, Home Depot, Mcdonalds. Did we take a wrong turn and end up back in the US?
By the time we got back to San Carlos we were hungry so went to Jax Snax for lunch. Haven’t been here before – we were missing out on their good food. Both had hamburgers for lunch – one of the best hamburgers I’ve ever had – including in the US. Nice little place, we will go back. US $13.50 Hamburger and Cheeseburger, fries and cokes.
This seems to be the year of electronic break downs for me. First my camera went now my Nook is giving me problems. I can get another camera here IF I want to pay the price, but can’t get a nook…and my laptop is getting fussy about recognizing the memory card from the camera…..AARRGG!
Looked like it might be a nice sunset so we walked across the street to the beach. Doesn’t the little rock on the right look like an old ship under full sail coming around the rock.
Some pictures from the sunset – wasn’t as nice as I thought it would be. But pretty anyway.
 Just a rock that I thought was pretty. And lots of shells on the beach this year. All kinds and shapes and sizes. Usually there aren't any. 
 A couple of fishermen.

 Looking inland - almost looked like they were getting some rain.
  And that's all folks. 

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  1. I thought it was a great sunset! That's actually a good price for lunch - more expensive here…..although I guess El Manglar wouldn't be much more. LOVE the rock! Lucky about the shells - none here. Also great Monarch shot!