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Monday, November 3, 2014

Sunny Day in Vegas

A beautiful day here Sunday – And today seems to be following the same path - it is only 6:10 and the sun has popped over the mountain and is shining in the front window. 
A little cooler than the past week but very nice. Boy that extra time has sure made today seem longer.
We went out to breakfast yesterday morning then returned the muffin tin to WalMart. I wonder where I can find one that holds a dozen muffins that is just a tiny bit smaller so it will fit in the oven. Might try a kitchen store.
We took a leisurely drive down Las Vegas Blvd – the Strip – it was before noon so the traffic was light. Just thought this was a neat reflection.
Got to see part of the Bellagio fountain show.

Of course, watched the NASCAR race today. A long boring long race until the last thirty laps. Kyle went from two laps down to finish 4th. I think if there had been another restart he might have won. Over the weekend two first place finishes and one 4th place – not bad. Go #18 M & Ms car.
Lots of action after the race. Someone said Gordon looked like a rooster on steroids.
Discover an unfixable, at least for me, mistake in my knitting project so spent part of the race ripping it all out. 
Fixed steak and potatoes for dinner – with lots of onions and mushrooms. And that was about it for the day
The hot water heater started to leak again so guess Bill call a repair man tomorrow - one that will come to the RV park. Hope he can get here and get it fixed before Friday as that is when we're supposed to leave. 


  1. Happy Birthday Carol, I am in Bullhead City heading to Pahrump on Thursday.

    1. Thank you - We'll be heading towards AZ on Friday.