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Friday, June 3, 2011

Day after surgery - all's well

Friday a.m.

Getting ready to go over to the hospital to see The Driver. Surgery was yesterday at 8 a.m. He got 4 bypasses and doctor says his heart is pumping great now. Got to see a very dopy guy a couple of hours after the surgery. He still had the breathing tube in and didn’t look at all comfortable. A couple hours later the tube was gone and he was mostly with us. He was flirting with the nurses already. They sure are hooked up to a lot of equipment! Glad I was prepared for it. Two nurses are in the room with him all the time. Checking this and that. The surgeon came in at least three times while I was there to check things out. I could have stayed at the hospital over night they had a room for me to sleep in. But wanted to come home and relax. I could only see him for short periods of time every couple of hours anyway. So will hightail it back over there soon.
He was asleep when I left but had been pretty uncomfortable for a while. The nurses told him that if he had been fatter the tubes coming out of his chest wouldn’t be hurting so much – can’t win them all. It’s hard to believe that he will go from everything that was going on, into and out of him yesterday to being home in 5 or 6 days! Wow. I remember when they kept you in the hospital longer than that when you just had a baby.
Getting used to driving back and forth – much easier for me in my car.
Time to go – will update either tonight or tomorrow morning.

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  1. So glad everything went well and he will soon be up and around? I'm sure he will have to take it easy for awhile and recuperate. You get some rest too.