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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More life in the country and an update

Lordy Lordy last few days have been “different” More joys of country living.
Early afternoon Sunday went in the kitchen to rinse some dishes and NO WATER. Hummmm…..I called neighbor across – nope they didn’t have water either. Waited a couple of hours – still no water. Called Water company. First call information was “yes, they knew there was no water, a main broke somewhere and they were looking for it. Call back later for more information.?” Called later – they knew where break was and were taking care of it. Still no water at bed time. Still no water when we got up. Called water company again and got more helpful information in slow Kentucky drawl. “Well mam there’s this break in the main way out in the woods down a ravine and across a couple of creeks. They need to get machinery down there. Listen to your local station for more updates.” Local station?
“Do you know what the local station is?”
“No mam I sure don’t. I’m here in Bloomington.” She had water.
So continued to wait. Water finally came back on late in the afternoon.
Then later in the day the electricity flicker on and off a couple of times. Just long enough to shut every thing off so all had to be reset.
The severe weather has gone away for awhile leaving in its wake very hot and humid weather. Over 90 – today isn’t supposed to be so humid and then it is supposed to cool down for a couple of days. No rain in forecast.
Went out and picked some strawberries from our patch. Yum.

Now to The Driver. He is back in the hospital – this time in Bloomington. Surgery is still planned for tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. Yesterday we had to go to the hospital for pre-op testing. Of course he drove. Actually this hospital is 1 mile closer than the other one but takes longer to drive as road is hilly and curvy. Any way. By the time we parked and he got to the desk where he had to fill out his papers he wasn’t feeling good. Got short of breath and started having chest pain! Two nurses showed up with wheel chair and rushed him to emergency. His cardiac enzymes were up again – indicating more damage to heart so he was admitted right away. No one was excited and soon he was feeling fine again. They even fed him a tuna sandwich for lunch. They are keeping his heart rate below 50 and his blood pressure under 95/55 no wonder he feels woozy when he moves around.
Last night they did “vein mapping” so they can get it out easy. Today rest of pre-op testing and resting for tomorrow.
It is sure quiet around here at night. A couple of friends stopped by last night and brought me a big salad to eat. Good thing I’d forgotten to eat.
So that’s about it for now. Next update will probably be “after”

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  1. Good luck to you and 'the driver'. Hope all goes well.