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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Flowers, Fawn, Flies and Fox

Some of the lillies out front
Sunday a.m.

Woke up to house shaking thunder and lightening again this morning. At 9:00 it still looks like the middle of the night outside. This is supposed to last off and on most of the day.
I don’t know what is the matter with me – seems like every day I wake up more tired then when I went to bed the night before. And I’m sleeping all night.
Rest of day cleared up and the sun actually came out for a while. Had an icky moment today. Got in my car to go to grocery store and it was FULL OF FLIES! At least 100 of them – ish. Don’t know where they came from or how they got in there asthe windows were all up. Reminded me of when reading a book and the characters find a dead body in a locked house. Ish again! Had to drive with all the windows open to flush them out. I think they were all gone by the time I got home. Sure hope so. If some are still there tomorrow will spray the car. ICK!!!!!
The Driver has developed a craving for fried chicken and the little grocery store in Bean Blossom makes the best around. When I get it home he eats the meat. And we have to keep him healthy so I sacrifice and eat the skin.
Saw a little fawn out back in the afternoon. They are so cute. And one of “so cute” darn raccoons came up and pooped on the deck – grrrr…..
Monday a.m.
Another raining morning with the electricity popping in and out. Lucky though as the worst of the storm is north of us. There were pictures on TV of baseball sized hail and several lightening caused house fires. Don’t need that so will put up with the rain. Lots and lots of flooding from Indianapolis north and east. Glad the worst of it missed us.
Haven’t checked my car yet. ICK – don’t want to. I’ve cleaned it real good but wonder if there is a little mouse body somewhere in it? Hope not.
Every day The Driver is better. He now walks like his old self – no more shuffling along. Sure glad to see that.
Just went to grocery store and to get gas. NO flies in car. Hooray! Saw a fox on the road on my way there. First time I’ve seen one here.
Tuesday a.m
Woke up to sunshine this morning. But it is already getting darker to the west of us. More storms expected this afternoon and evening, but hopefully north of us again.
Tomorrow morning we have to be at the heart doctor’s office in Bloomington at 9:00 –
Have lots of questions for him – hope we get answers. And sure hope it isn't raining.
Took some pictures of some of the flowers this morning.
These are the petunias that just showed up this year.

Found a couple more plants in the driveway just growing out of the gravel!
And here is a strange looking flower - don't know what it is or even if we planted it or not.
When I went out to get the paper there was a little turtle crossing the road. I stood there until he made it to the other side. Wouldn't want him to get run over.

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  1. ICK is right!! Glad they are gone. Wonderful news that 'Driver' is doing so much better. I think the red flower is Bee Balm. Look it up and see, but it looks like it to me. We are to have rain almost all week so it is a bit dark and dreary here too.