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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Driver is Home

Tuesday p.m.
He came home yesterday! Four days after surgery! Are they crazy? Yesterday after coming home he was pretty uncomfortable and tired. I was scared to death. Around 8:00 p.m. got a call from his hospital nurse letting me know they didn't give me his prescription for pain meds. I wondered about that but....Anyway they arrange for one of the night shift nurses to bring it to me this morning at the drugstore in town. So got it filled. Last night was a VERY LONG night for both of us. He wasn't comfortable and I was listening to every sound he did and didn't make.
Today is much better. Eating well and walked around quite a bit. Hospital called again this morning to see how he was and answer any questions I might have and suggested he might be more comfortable on the couch resting than in the bed. Excellent suggestion - much easier for him to get up and down and rest.
Doc says he is pretty lucky that he doesn't have any other health problems - should make recovery much easier. He doesn't smoke, doesn't need to lose weight, his cholestrol is good! Low where it should be and up where it should be and he has never had high blood pressure. Everyone finds it strange that he wasn't sick or on any meds before this - considering his age.
Terrible hot here today - heat index over 100 - very muggy. Supposed to be the same tomorrow then cool down. I hope. Other than that nothing going on.

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