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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Week Later - Alls Well

Tuesday p.m

It’s been awhile since I’ve written – no reason – just one thing then another.
One good thing the weather has cooled down considerably so it is much more comfortable in here. Rained a couple of days ago so I didn’t have to go out and water the plants and supposed to have more rain tomorrow.
You ever just KNOW you’ve saved something on your computer but just can’t find it. I know I saved a bunch of pictures of some of the stained glass work we did for the old house but can’t find them anywhere. And it doesn’t help that my old, old external hard drive is giving me fits when I try to find anything on it. Need to transfer everything off of it onto the new one – but it takes forever to just transfer one photo folder! Guess I’ve officially become a “I want it NOW” person. Patience, patience.
Was walking around outside the other day and took a couple of photos. One of our roses – they are doing better year with me just ignoring them instead of feeding and pampering them.
This is just the pond with the trees and sky reflected in it.
And the front yard right after mowing (not me – a lawn person)
The Driver came home a week ago yesterday – five days after surgery. I think that was too soon but the doctors didn’t consult me. Had a couple of rough days and nights at first (mostly me I was scared to death that he would come apart! Keep checking him to make sure he was breathing! I know I know but I did it anyway.) He is doing much better now. Been 12 days since they played with his insides. He goes up and down the stairs a couple of times a day and walks around outside some – weather permitting. Mostly good days with a few bad (uncomfortable) times thrown in to remind him he has to take it easy. Still can’t life more than 5 pounds and can’t drive of course. One thing that drives him nuts is he can’t reach up to the microwave to get his coffee – lifting the arms high is a no no for a while yet. Makes changing shirts interesting too. You don’t realize how much you move your chest just doing everyday normal things. But it reminds him quickly. Coughing is rough! Another really weird thing – he is getting hot flashes off and on. Nurses said that was normal for men after heart surgery for a while and didn’t he feel sorry for women now. Ha!  Hum guess I kind of repeated some of the stuff from last post - forgot I had done it.
I’ve been working on our new web pages for the leather work, have them up and running mostly. http://www.woodspiritsandleatherartstudio.com/
Long name isn’t it. Try typing that fast several times in a row without making a mistake – ‘taint easy.
Not much else to say.

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