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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Days Much Better Now

Wedmesday p.m

Lots of thunder and heavy rain this morning. Sure glad I don’t have to drive to work in it.
Spent some time yesterday reprogramming our outdoor lights. Got the front porch light right but not the lampposts. So had to re-do them today. Will have to remember check on them at dusk and dawn tonight. Yeah sure.
The day lilies are blooming out front. The wild ones – not the ones we planted, but they too are almost ready to bloom – if the deer leave them alone. Did spray them with “Deer Off” a week or so ago but sometimes when the rain is heavy enough it gets rid of the scent. Instead of talking about it I probably should go spray them again.

One we planted - beautiful

The Wild Ones
And I discovered some petunias from last year growing again! Didn’t think they would last over the winter but in two of the planters we have on the bedroom deck they are alive and blooming. Wow!
Today so far the Internet has been out, the satellite TV has been out and the electricity has been out. I love living here! The Internet is kind of working now – I can get on IE but not AOL and I can’t publish my web pages……grrrrrrr……Have unplugged, plugged, reset, restarted and rebooted to no avail. Hughes Net is so wonderful.
Getting sick of the TV “Weiner” this “Caley” that – come on people isn’t there any real “news”? Well I guess the girl missing from Bloomington is real news. She disappeared just a couple of blocks from the hospital where The Driver had his surgery – the day after. I feel so sorry for her parents. Can’t imagine what they are going through. And I see the “barefoot bandit” is about to go to trial. He stole his last airplane from Bloomington. It was after he crashed it that they caught him. For a little town it has some notoriety. The little town, Columbus, to the east of us has Tony Stewart the NASCAR driver to brag about.
Thursday p.m. Went to see our family doctor in town this morning to get a prescription renewed and everything checked out good. Except The Driver gets car sick when I drive –well when any one but him drives. Didn’t feel too good after we got home for a while. Icky feeling kind of stayed with him all day so just before closing I made another trip into the only drugstore in town and picked up some anti-nausea pills. All is well now – Will have to figure out how to get him to Bloomington and back next week……..Maybe doc will let him start driving again soon.
Friday p.m. News Flash – The Driver cooked his own dinner tonight from scratch. I was nervous about it but he seemed to enjoy it.
Today was a pretty good day – he was up and about most of the day but still gets tired easy. 15 days and counting! Soon we’ll be back to normal.
Sat a.m. – Big storm coming – will be here for most of day - will try to get this posted before Internet goes out. Lots of thunder and lightening. Got up and found The Driver had fixed my coffee for me. WOW – Lots of progress. Though now his leg where they took the vein is bothering him some. Seems like one thing gets better and another starts to hurt. Family doc says it will be at least six weeks before he starts feeling normal. Well two down already!


  1. I know it is slow progress, but he should be fine for another trip next winter, If he gets down tell him to start planning your next get away! lol
    Computer problems and car problems are both things I hate. I'm enjoying seeing everything in the garden come back to life. Enjoy your day!

  2. Glad to hear the driver is making progress. You sure stay busy! The flowers are beautiful.