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Monday, March 4, 2013

Another evening in the Plazuela Machado

I forgot I’d taken this picture – it was on the new camera – which I am going to have to start using as the old one is refusing to cooperate half the time I try to use it.  This is the flan Angelica made for Bill – talk about delicious.
It is cool in here this morning after a beautiful day yesterday. To day is the day we are for sure – ha ha- supposed to get the Jeep back. It is all together but they want to recheck and test it. Sure hope it stays together when they test it. Really miss not having a car. Especially now with the broken toe. We are going across the street this morning to meet a couple who read this blog for breakfast. It is a short walk but I’m not looking forward to it today. Maybe I can borrow the park’s wheel barrel and Bill can push me there.
Also waiting for the welder to repair John’s hitch this morning. They are hoping to get back on the road for Idaho by tomorrow.  
Had a good reason yesterday to just sit and knit most of the afternoon while watching the leaderboard of the NASCAR race. Doesn’t look good again this year for my favorite driver. He qualified 4th but because they had to change his engine he started in the read – 2nd engine problem in two weeks.
John, Carol and I did got for a short drive out to Cerritos to check out the RV park there. Most of the spaces are leased for US$3000 per year and they are really built up with kitchens, living rooms, roofs etc. Only a few spaces are open for travelers.
Then we went over to watch the lobster men bring in their catch. This is a nice size one I guess. They are so colorful when they're alive.
We also found a nice small supermarket not too far from the campground that I didn’t know was there. Easier then running clear into town.
Then unexpectedly we got a call from Georges friends from Alaska and they offered to pick us up to go for dinner in the Plazuela Machado. Had a great time over there. Ate at the Italian restaurant Everyone else had pizza I had spaghetti.
Raphael Rodriguez was singing and playing again and people were dancing in the street. Including George.

Best start getting ready to head across the street – I don’t think it will be a problem if I can just ignore the clicking sounds the toe is making. 

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  1. Ha Ha! Great to see Jorge dancing! Looks like you all are having a great time. Hope the toe feels better soon!
    Grace (in Tucson)