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Monday, March 25, 2013

Boring days

Both yesterday and today were kind of  “off” days. Neither Bill nor I felt real good. Maybe we shouldn’t be drinking the water here? Feels like we’re both coming down with colds or hopefully just getting used to desert air again. What ever it was we pretty much did nothing.
I am still learning the knitting thing. I did finally figure out how to do “long tail casting on.” Took a while but think I’ve got it now. Still having trouble with casting/binding off. I keep screwing up the very last stitch. Need to read more directions I guess. And yesterday I was knitting along while watching the NASCAR race and guess I wasn’t paying attention as I discovered a big hole in the middle of the work. More ripping out. Went back on line and found more directions for cast/binding off and can't believe I was so dense as to not understand the simple directions - needless to say I've figured it out.
Loved the race yesterday – well except for the Hamlin getting hurt. Kyle won – first time in 31 cup races. Long dry streak for him. So he swept the weekend – wining both Nationwide and Cup races. Yah!
Our friend sent us some pictures from home yesterday – lots of snow on the ground and lots more on the way. So we are staying here in Amado until at least the end of the week. Not in a hurry to get into any bad weather. When we were here a year ago now it was snowing here in Amado and 80 degrees in Indiana. What a difference a year makes.
We finally got off our duffs and decided to go out for an early supper and for some groceries. And Willie wouldn't start - battery dead. The front spot lights had been toggled on and we hadn't noticed. Probably when he got washed.
So at least we got out for a little bit today.

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