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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bad day ends well

John and Carol pulled back into the Las Jabias Rv park about two hours after they left. At the first toll booth north of town they discovered another crack in the weld so they turned around and came back. Of course having to pay the toll both directions.
Bill had called the welder when we first heard from John so they were here about an hour later. The owner of the welding company came to check everything out and make suggestions as to how to fix it. He said he would have his men back by 2:00 in the afternoon. And at 2:00 they were here. Worked until around 5 and hopefully all is now well and will stand up for the ride to Idaho. Lots of weight pulling with the 5th wheel and the trailer with the small off road car in it.
So Bill spend a good part of yesterday translating between the welders and John. And of course most of the men in the RV park were down here giving unsolicited advice at one time or another throughout the day. For a while it was almost like a party going on.
I stayed out of the way with my foot up working on my knitting. The toe is still bright purple and about ¼ of the foot is bruised. Barefoot it doesn’t really hurt to walk on. But it definitely lets me know it is unhappy with shoes.
Oh, oh! John just came over to get Bill to take a look at something he doesn’t think looks too good. They are both out there throwing their hands up in the air. They decided that what ever it is it shouldn't cause a problem. Just being paranoid by now. 
Yesterday afternoon another camper came down to see Bill with his telephone in his hand. His washing machine had broken and he was talking to a repair man but his Spanish isn’t too good so he wanted Bill to translate. No problem.
Then Bill was talking to the people at the jeep dealership about our car. In Spanish of course.
I went outside to ask Bill something and he gave me a blank look and then answered me in Spanish. Well Hello – it’s me here. We both got a good laugh. Just so much juggling the brain can do about which language and which problem was being handled for who.
So everyone decided Bill needed a good dinner last night. The RV park manager picked us up here at the RV and took all of us – Bill, me, George, Carol and John up the road a ways to La Bruja restaurant. It is about the only place in town to get good steak. A view down the beach from the restaurant.
Doesn’t this hotel look like it rising out of the mist?
The menu has several things that are prepared right at the table with much drama. This waiter was fixing caramelized platanos.
Had a very enjoyable evening watching the waiters and listening to the entertainment. And John bought Carol a beautiful glass rose with a hummingbird on it from the glass blower.

Then we got to ride home in an Pulmonia – me sitting on Bill’s lap and the other three squeezed into the back seat. Glad it wasn’t a long trip as it was pretty cool out. He did bring us almost to the door of the RV which I appreciated muchly. 
Well they are getting ready to pull out again. Bill and George are out there checking things out. Loved having them here but hope this time they make it home okay. 
And today we get Willie back. : )  : ) Happy Dance. Then have to go to grocery store and drop off some laundry - errands first - fun stuff later. 

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