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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Platano Flambe YUM

Lazy day most of the day. All we did was go for groceries and a hose at Soriana in the morning.
Did some knitting and tried to keep track of who was where in the NASCAR Nationwide race in Vegas. My favorite driver came in 2nd – by 1.1 seconds. Shoot.
By late afternoon it was getting really windy and very cool out. We had planned on going to the Plazuela Machado for dinner but between the detours because of the Triathlon and being too cold to eat outside weather we changed our minds. Picked up our friends at their hotel and went to La Bruja instead. It is not quite so exposed to the weather.
We all had a good meal then decided to try one of the flaming deserts. We had Platanos Flambe. Delicious. And the production making them was amazing. I got so interested I forgot to take pictures. 

ice cream in the middle
Today is another below normal temperature wise day with lots and lots of wind. We had planned on going to Malpica to the bakery but our friends sat outside in the hazy weather too long yesterday and were suffering from pretty bad sunburns. So don’t know if we’ll be going out tonight or not either.
I watched the leaderboard for the NASCAR cup race – fourth place finish for the #18 – at least no engine problems this week. 

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