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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Beach of Glorious Sunsets - Huatabampito

Guess what! We have fast Internet and electricity. Changed our minds about spending the night in a Pemex lot and came on out to Huatabampito at the El Mirador RV park right on the water.
It was a long day though – we left the campground at 7:30 in the light fog.
Bye Las Jabias and Mazatlan until next year
Stopped and got gas then on to the toll road 15-D – and I do mean TOLL – expensive day today US$91 for 351 miles! But this is a good stretch of the highway – very good road all day. Only a little construction but still good road. Got here about 3:30 – we did stop for lunch though and more gas. With the cost per liter now and the not so good exchange rate gas is now US$3.35 a gallon.
This is the first time I’ve seen a pilot car in Mexico
He was behind two big trucks carrying some kind of huge metal containers. You can see one on the left in front of the blue car. And yes that is a loose piece of aluminum just hanging on the back of the container. Didn’t like being behind him.
And soon into even more fog but it only lasted a couple of miles. This is the lead truck of the pilot cars caravan.
They were going fast though and soon were out of sight. We only do about 55mph down here. For any one who knows Bill I know that is hard to believe – but it’s true.
The states of Sinaloa and Sonora are both agricultural states. Lots and lots of farm land and orchards. These are sacks of oranges for sale along the road. I don’t know how you know how much to pay for them or who you pay. Also saw sacks of onions for sale.
These trucks full of tomatoes were at a processing plant. I’ve always wondered about the tomatoes on the bottom of the pile – are they squished? You’d think they would be. Catsup maybe?
Passed lots and lots of crop dusters – both in the air and parked
That is a dangerous occupation – flying that close to the ground.My uncle used to do it in Idaho. He lost a lot of fellow pilots. 
In our spot in Huatabampito right on the Sea of Cortez.
Just a look at what we’re seeing. Looking south on the beach.
Looking north on the beach.
Some one has to suffer for the rest of you.
I kid you not when we pulled in the seagulls flew to the beach in front of us – waiting for Bill to get out there to feed them! They are staring at him "Well where's our cookies?"
This one caught a piece in the air.
An adequate sunset - not great but pretty. 
As I headed back inside I noticed the reflection in the window.
As I'm writing this the gulls are lined up on the sea wall outside of Jennie not so patiently waiting for Bill. Every once in awhile one will fly right past the windshield. It is funny. 
Today no plans - just have fun in the area. 

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