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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Errands with Willie

The big news is Willie is finally back with us. Bill went to pick him up early in the morning yesterday. He was actually ready to be picked up Tuesday night but by the time they called us we were out to dinner and couldn’t get there before they closed. But the important thing is he is back and running like he did when he was new. Well almost because when he was brand new he didn’t have the transmission he ended up with. Bill had the original transmission modified for more power in the “low end” ?what ever that means? So that was one of the problems in getting him repaired – the parts were not original and had to be sent from 4 x 4 Accessories in the states. So great to have him back. And he is full of power now. They washed him, shined the tires and cleaned him inside even. Everyone in the RV park was waving and giving bill the thumbs up sign as he drove through on the way to the back where we’re parked.
As soon as Bill got back with him we grabbed George and DROVE across the street to our favorite beach side restaurant in Torres Mazatlan. Wasn’t a very pretty day though – kind of hazy and gray. Now the restaurant doesn’t even put the sugar packets on the table to keep the birds away.
After breakfast we all went to the grocery store. Needed lots of stuff after a week. I managed to get my tennis shoes on and found I could almost walk okay with them on. It’s mainly that first step that had me groaning. Still pretty swollen and black and blue.
We heard from John and Carol they made it as far as Los Mochis to a big Pemex (gas station) truck stop. But they did have another flat on the way there and when they called us they were waiting for a couple of tires to be delivered to them. The truck stop has all kinds of repair and tire shops at it. Like a Flying J or Pilot in the states.
Well now that I’m knitting I need a bag to carry the yarn and needles in. Right? Excuse to go to the Central Market to look for one. I’m even starting to enjoy knitting – well until I try the next steps – knit – purl and the rib stitch etc. etc. I have two sections done for my afghan.
Today we are going to go to both El Quelite for breakfast and then over to La Nora – partly to try the car out and partly so George can meet our friend Roberto at his leather shop.
We are also taking the couple we met last week. The people who read George’s blog and came over to meet him. Should be a fun day with lots of pictures. 

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